Living with lower back pain? Try this simple twist to find relief.

It appears that overtime many activities in life take their toll on our spines. Most people with lower back pain experienced muscular tightness, loss of flexibility, and often a loss of disk space as shown on their MRIs. Movement professionals often recommend people simply don’t twist. Yet, there are some twists that are safe, more than 90% of the time.

Whatch this video to learn how to approach this simple twist called Bharadvajasana safely by using a chair.

Note: Details on the Neck.

In the study of anatomy we learned that the spinal cord is attached by small ligaments to the bones of the neck. The rest of the spine is free-floating in the spinal canal. The reason for this is to stabilize the brainstem so we don’t lose our balance every time we turn our heads.
When we are twisting, if we turn the head too soon the spinal cord will follow by pulling up in the canal just enough to block the twist.

Test it out! Twist once leading with your head, and see how far you go. Now lead with your belly and see how much farther you twist! Repeat 3 times… it’s a charm.

Caution: Lift evenly through both sides of your spine before returning. This will decompress your disks evenly to lessen any negative pinching.

Contra indication: If you have an actual herniated or bulging disc, this may not be the best place to start. I suggest you check out my Yoga U Online course, Yoga for Back Pain Relief.  Or get yourself a copy of my book, Healing Our Backs with Yoga: an essential guide to back pain relief. Both of these offerings will take you step by step like the thousands of other students I have guided to help them heal and relieve back pain over the years.

Back pain without a bulging disc?

Discover keys, secret to many, for the release and tone of your psoas muscle to take your healing and postural balance to a new level.

5 psoas release challenge

Until then keep practicing!

In the Light of Yoga,

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