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How to truly build resilience in body, heart, & mind

without losing your way.

Ever notice how Life Happens?

Unexpected situations and conditions arise seemingly out of nowhere … followed by an array of emotional responses that alter the way we breathe, change our internal chemistry, and diminish our inner resources.

At some moment we notice stress has come to roost in our body, heart, and mind. We have temporarily lost our way. You and I both know, it doesn’t feel good nor make us happy.

So, if you have some yoga experience and are interested in staying active and effective as your life unfolds, the consistent practice of yoga with its true intent will help you maintain inner and outer strength, increase mobility, and build the resilience needed to embrace change.

Back pain and stress

My life journey with yoga….

When I started my yoga journey in 1979, I was seeking a reliable and accessible way to relieve physical pain and emotional insecurity so that I could enjoy my life and feel good every day. My healing quest led me to study many different aspects of yoga to test their effectiveness firsthand.

The skillful application of yoga has helped me address back pain, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, bone loss, the effects of sleep apnea, heart conditions, captivating stress, and the anxiety that comes from being alive during these changing times.

The knowledge I have gained over the past two years has expanded my view of yoga and deepened my experience. Which is why I am here to share the yoga wisdom I have gained with you, so you too can find consistency and thrive during these changing, uncertain times.

With practice I have been able to maintain a consistent level of vitality, serenity, and pain relief.  And you can too.

When we come together magic happens. Which is why I am eager to share  with you the yoga wisdom I have gained to help your journey unfold with less suffering.

Yoga in the garden

Eliminate confusion and experience positive results quickly and easily by expanding your understanding and application of the principles of yoga in real time.

Introducing my interactive membership called…

                The Yoga Wisdom Monthly Membership

The membership offers techniques and practices in asana, meditation, and breathwork to help you stay grounded, tap into your own inner wisdom, and sustain physical and spiritual resiliency throughout time.

You will have the option to attend a Live Zoom class monthly. Interact in the class to get your questions answered, and submit requests for class themes, a privilege only available to members. Plus get access to a well-curated video class library, so you have my expert guidance at your fingertips to become consistent with your practice, embody the blessings of yoga, and continue to grow!

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What you’ll gain from this membership …

  • A 90 minute Live Interactive Zoom class – 2nd Tuesday each month 
  • Including pose study and Q&A at Live classes
  • Curated video classes including exclusive videos from Lillah’s paid online courses
  • Unlimited access to stream classes from the video library
  • Live class reminder emails 24-hours in advance
  • Notice when the Live class recording posts to the member page 
  • The option to vote on or submit ideas for the next month’s class theme
  • A chance to grow your practice for a fraction of the cost



Content overview…

⁃ Mindful alignment to enhance safe anatomical movement

⁃ Reliable sequences for back pain relief

⁃ Practice in core stability for healthy hips and backs

⁃ The physiology of stretching and how it can help you

⁃ Techniques to stabilize and understand the asymmetric pelvis

⁃ Research-informed pose sequences to build bone density

⁃ Pose sequences to enhance organ function

⁃ Poses and techniques to educate the psoas muscle and improve posture


⁃ Pose modifications to support graceful aging 

⁃ Ways to identify the sensations of stretching to help you safely navigate physical pain.

⁃ Rhythmic ways to release connective tissue, or fascia, to enjoy renewed mobility and ease

⁃ Breathing methods to reduce stress and improve vagal tone

⁃ Classical yoga breath techniques to enhance both vitality and meditation

⁃ Ways to connect to your non-physical energy body for spiritual evolution

Lotus flower on blue water

Enjoy …

  • A community of like-minded individuals
  • Monthly pose study and Q&A with Lillah
  • A safe space to explore and share your experience
  • An opportunity to be supported and become grounded in self-compassion 
  • An invitation to let go and open to your intuition
  • Time to experience stillness, connect to hope, and embrace gratitude to heal yourself and others

What Students Say About Lillah’s Classes . . .



“I have been a student of Lillah’s for many years. She is a gifted teacher who has dedicated her life to alignment-based, therapeutic classes. She consistently brings wonderful energy, and a lifetime of engaging and learning to her students.”

~ Leslie

“I have studied yoga with Lillah for over 20 years, and I learn something new in almost every class. She has an amazingly deep knowledge of yoga, anatomy, and physiology. Her teaching style is kind, precise, and individualized. Students of any level can benefit from her classes. I am so grateful for her guidance on my life path!”

~ Deborah

“The classes are well-planned and well-executed. Lillah’s words are thoughtful and inspiring. I always feel better physically and am uplifted emotionally/spiritually after yoga class with Lillah. I feel that her teachings help me integrate body/mind/spirit.”

~ Jean

 “I love taking online classes with Lillah! She has the eye to read bodies very well and has us make adjustments even though we are miles apart. As a yoga teacher myself, I feel she has enriched my personal practice in ways I never imagined, and helped me to find relief in my low back and hips! I am so grateful for the opportunity to work online with Lillah!”

~ Pam

Pink Rose

“Lillah’s anatomical and physiological knowledge of the human body is impeccable.  However, her real strength is in the 40 years of teaching experience, which enables her to share practical hands-on knowledge and teaching skills with yoga teachers like myself.  Her devotion, enthusiasm, and compassion to yoga and her students make her class very heart-warming.”

~ Grace

Hello, My name is Lillah Schwartz,

C-IAYT, Yoga Therapist, Adaptive Yoga and Back Care Specialist.

My life’s work has been to learn how to heal myself from physical and emotional pain and then share what I’ve learned with others. I have studied and taught yoga and functional anatomy for over 40 years, am recognized in the field as an author and leader in yoga for back care, have earned several credentials in such areas as yoga therapeutics and adaptive yoga, and have taught countless teacher-training programs at the 200 and 500 hour levels, along with training teachers in yoga therapy.

During the two-year pandemic, I expanded my studies to include the new physics of consciousness, which reflects the ancient wisdom found in the practice of yoga, studied the Energy Codes with Dr. Sue Morter, and became certified both as a Yoga for Bone Density educator and a Science of HeartMath Facilitator. Plus extensive breath studies, breath course creation and delivery.


Yoga teacher Namaste hands

Yoga Wisdom Monthly Membership will add valuable hands-on understanding to your practice, whether you have limited yoga experience, years of practice, or have embarked on a yoga teacher-training journey.

So if you are interested in finding a way to get grounded with your practice and receive support to help you thrive – you are in the right place.

Enjoy the support of a Live Zoom Class on the 3rd Thursday of each month from 4:00-5:30 pm EST. Class recordings will be uploaded to the membership platform within 48 hours.


Members Includes . . .

      • A 90 minute Live Interactive Zoom class – 2nd Tuesday each month 9:30 am EST 
      • Including pose study and Q&A at each Live class
      • Class recordings posted within 24 hours 
      • Vote on and Submit topic requests monthly
      • 24-hour access to a growing video library
      • Over 44 Curated classes to choose from
      • Live class 24-hour reminder emails
      • Notice when the Live class recording posts

    So if you are interested in . . .

    . . . finding a way to get grounded with your practice and receive support to help you thrive – you are in the right place.

    With this membership you will . . .

    Learn to transform obstacles into blessings.
    Learn to manage your stress to reduce suffering.
    Learn to joyously connect body, heart, and mind.

    Act now to enjoy this priceless expertise linking traditional yoga practices and spirituality to modern science, which can help you move toward positive change. When you help yourself, you contribute to the well being of ALL.

    Why wait? Sign up and get started today!

    Minimum three-month membership.

    End your membership any time.


    Tibetan Tara Prosperity

    Gold — $20/month

    • Live Zoom Class
    • Live Q and A
    • Class Recordings
    • Video Streaming
    • Topic Requests
    • Exclusive Content

    Sapphire — $240/year

    Receive the full benefits of Gold membership

    PLUS . . .

    • 20% Savings on Live Courses
    • 20% Savings on Pre-recorded Courses
    • One FREE Private Lesson each year online or in-person with Lillah – Value $125

    Register now. Click the button below, select which membership option you prefer. Then pay with PayPal or your credit card. Be certain to respond to the “Please verify your email address” email to get access to your membership. See you on the other side!

    Commonly Asked Questions

    1. What happens if I lose my password?

    Each time you log into the membership platform, you will have an option to reset your password.


    2. Will I get a class reminder?

    Yes. Watch for your reminder email 24 hours before the class containing the Zoom link. The Zoom link will be the same for each class.


    3. What if I have to leave class early?

    We all have busy lives; if you need to leave early, please let me know in advance so I can suggest which pose would be best for you to end class with.


    4. How can I best prepare for the live classes?

    Please check your Zoom angles before class begins. Place your mat horizontally to your device and turn on all the lights. Please do not wear dark clothing to class. It simply makes it too hard for Lillah to see important details to help you. Also, be certain you are well hydrated.


    5. Do I need the same props for every class?

    Classes will vary each month; therefore, please have all necessary props at hand. You will need a yoga mat, two firm blocks, three blankets, a yoga belt, two chairs without arms, and a bolster. Check your confirmation email for a discount code for YogaLifestyle.com prop suppliers on the East Coast.


    6. If I missed class, how will I know the video has been posted to my membership page?

    There is no specific notification when the class video posts to your membership site. Simply check back in 24 to 48 hours. Class videos will typically be posted in plenty of time for your Sunday morning practice!


    7. Are the recordings Zoom quality or good quality?

    While the live classes are held on Zoom, the class recordings are done on a different device and reflect professional quality when uploaded to the membership site.


    8. What if I have to change my email?

    The membership platform will allow you to update your email as well as your billing information.


    9. What happens if I have to end my membership? How is this done?

    When you choose to end your membership, you will lose access to all videos and classes.


    Lines of communication are always open. Feel free to email me ( Contact form ) or send me a Facebook message with any questions you may have, or join my private Facebook Group: Yoga Solutions. You can also watch short Featured video clips here.


    In the Light of Yoga,


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