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Experience the keys to a sustainable and gratifying yoga practice to keep you vibrant after 50 and reduce your risk of injury. Live Online.

Does your current yoga practice leave you longing for more? More understanding? Better results? Less confusion? Are you experiencing more joint injuries your not sure how to address?

If you are like many of my students


If you are like many of my students, you believe in the promise of yoga and know you need yoga to help manage your stress, improve your flexibility, and keep your body and mind healthy. Unfortunately, your current practice may not deliver the benefits you long for and may, in fact, be hurting you. 


Your mission—should you choose to accept it—is to develop a comprehensive and sustainable yoga practice to help you avoid joint injury, maintain mobility and strength, and reduce stress. In only 13 short weeks, you can become more confident, centered, and vibrant beyond the age of 50.


Imagine … having all the tools and understanding you need to address and avoid injuries from structural imbalances; discovering how to safely apply yoga poses to your specific needs; and establishing a regular yoga practice to improve your mobility and strength. Your challenge is to learn how to recognize what your body needs and then have the tools and understanding necessary to address those needs. 

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Over My 40 Years of Experience

Over my 40 years of teaching and practicing yoga, I’ve taught so many students with multiple aches and pains. They stimulated in me the desire to look deep to figure out how I could apply yoga differently to help them find that sweet spot where they could say, “Now I feel good”.

I have personally suffered bouts of back, sacroiliac, neck, knee, and shoulder pain. Even though some of that came from a misguided yoga practice, I never stopped practicing. Yes, I have made mistakes, injured myself through lack of understanding, and healed with the aid of yoga. 

I learned to put the sensations in my body into words as I discovered the difference between positive or negative pain, and more. I also learned that harmony and healing is a gift that is reached through ongoing practice. Eventually the wisdom of my body/mind guided me back to harmony. 

I’ve helped many people like you learn to trust their bodies, to re-balance and heal with the aid of yoga. And now you can claim this understanding as well.

This is why I am offering you a place in my new … 

Yoga Wisdom: Vibrant After 50 – Live Online Course

This is your chance to benefit from real-time interactive learning, plus direct mentorship to help you focus and thrive.

My goal is to help you expand your self perception, gain new knowledge and depth of understanding about your body, along with acquiring a new sense of clarity and direction for your practice.

Yoga mastery live course - Box cover

Not all online courses are equal. There are a variety of online yoga courses out there, but for this format to be effective, frequent online interaction is essential!

This mentorship course includes:

  • Eight foundational pre-recorded classes
  • Twelve Live 60-minute Zoom Q&A sessions – on your yoga mat!    
  • Five Live 90-minute Zoom classes                  
  • The opportunity to interact, Plus share experiences in breakout rooms
  • Weekly inspiration to foster positive change
  • Guided self-reflection to enhance learning
  • Two free 30-minute private sessions with Lillah to customize your experience
  • A free copy of Lillah’s book, Healing Our Backs with Yoga upon course completion
  • A Graduation Celebration!

What you’ll experience…

  • Keynote and structurally harmonizing yoga sequences

  • Consistent support to show up to your yoga practice and reap the benefits 

  • Research informed ways to understand how your body/mind works 
  • Ways to avoid common misperceptions in yoga that can lead to injury
  • Yoga skills to improve your hip health, posture, and build better bones
  • Understanding of how to adapt poses for different conditions
  • A clear map of how to reach your goals so you can return again and again

What my students said about this format in 2021:

“Lillah, you are a gifted and generous teacher and a beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing your vast experience through incisive observations and personalized instruction. I’m amazed what you can detect through a Zoom camera! I look forward to taking more classes and deepening my yoga practice with your guidance.”

Deborah M.

Yoga Student

“After only 2 sessions, I am so grateful to find you. Thank you so much for sharing your heart, your experience, and your awesome, awesome skills. It feels like a perfect matchup with my needs.”

~ Deb P.

Yoga Student

“I especially love the way Lillah will demonstrate a posture, point out what parts of the body to focus on when doing the posture, and include a list of all benefits. With her keen eye, she pinpoints our off-target posture and provides constructive and effective feedback to improve or modify the pose. I learned so much about my body by taking her classes. I have been her student for 6 months now, and I am so grateful for her wisdom and guidance.”

~ Phyllis

200/500 Hr. Certified Yoga Instructor

“I found Lillah in a search for instruction on alignment that was missing from all of the other yoga I was taking. I’ve since become one of her grateful students. Lillah is unusually focused on her individual students—she remembers your hip pain, your shoulder injury, your asymmetries—and helps each student to modify and challenge themselves with those in mind. She’s also simply inspirational: strong, funny, and very good at what she does!”

~ Josi

Yoga Student

Pink Rose

“Lillah taught me how to manage my physical, emotional, and mental issues for a better quality of life. My unstable pelvis will never go away, but I know how to manage it myself for a pain-free life thanks to Lillah. I am also a yoga teacher, who works mostly with 50+ population and I routinely use her insights and sequencing in my classes. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that my classes are the most well attended at TWO different studios. Lillah is a treasure.”

~ Annie

500 Hr. Certified Yoga Instructor

The Pre-recorded Class Topics you will explore

1. Foundations of Alignment

The alignment details most yoga teachers miss. Gain body awareness and knowledge to maintain joint health. ($30 Value)

2. Improve Your Posture: Center Your Mind

The key muscle groups that contribute to good posture. Enjoy psoas release and how fascia (connective tissue) contributes to posture. ($30 Value)

3. Spread Your Wings: Shoulder Class Part 1

Learn simple progressive shoulder stretches that support healthy movement. Explore heart/brain resonance. ($30 Value)

4. Free and Balance Your Hips

Discover 7 anatomical hips stretches that improve mobility and reduce hip pain. ($30 Value)

5. Restore Your Center: Balance Poses

Discover how to switch on your parasympathetic nervous system using position and awareness. ($30 Value)

6. Yoga to Build Bone Density

Learn research-informed practices to help build bone density and lessen the risk of osteoporosis. ($30 Value)

7. Reclaim Your Youthful Spine

Restore suppleness, ease of movement, and strength in your spine. ($30 Value)

8. Shoulder and Arm Release: Part 2

Build muscular balance and tone in the shoulder girdle. Learn an effective practice of supported shoulder stand to improve organ function and immunity. ($30 Value)

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Seven Additional PDF’s to Support Your Learning:


  • All practice sequences for quick reference, training tips, and review.
  • The 7 key movement principles and facts about fascia.
  • Foundations of alignment important cues and bone density practice overview.
  • The importance of the pelvic clock for balanced hip release and spinal stability.
  • Seven anatomical hip stretches, called the Hip Sequence, from my book Healing Our Backs with Yoga. (adapted from the Purna Yoga Hip Series by Aadil Palkhivala)

PLUS . . . Additional New PDF’s

– Sequencing guidelines to help you successfully create your own as a student or yoga teacher.

– The alchemy of Pairs of Opposites for stability, ease, and effective action in asana practice.

– Pranayama, Breath practices to clear your heart and mind, and increase endurance.



The Tools I bring to the Foundation of this Course include… 
The research work of Dr. Lauren Fishman on Yoga for Osteoporosis; my research and expertise in the field of Yoga for Back Care, including the asymmetric pelvis; the work of Dr Sue Morter author and teacher of the Energy Codes; established protocols from Eric Small author of Yoga for MS and other neurological conditions; Thomas Myers and his leading work with understanding facia and structural integration; studies with Dr. Vasant Ladd founder of the Ayurvedic Institute of yoga and health; and last, but not least my 30 years of training in the Iyengar method.

Mission Accomplished!

At the end of 13 weeks you will:


  • Improve and/or establish your home yoga practice by adding a variety of movements that your body will thrive on. 
  • Claim new clarity around where you need to focus your practice to maintain harmony and vitality.

  • Expand your list of yoga tools to modify poses using props to accommodate your limitations and keep your joints safe.
  • Find ways to apply the knowledge you gain to build a sustainable yoga practice for yourself. 
  • Enhance your skills as a yoga teacher to nourish and uplift your students.

Claim these gifts and more with this unique and well-rounded yoga practice series to keep you vibrant and pain-free for years to come.  

Yoga Alliance – 38 CEU Hours  /  IAYT CEU’s Pending

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Schedule Overview Available December 2024

Sunday January 7, 2024 – 5:00 – 6:00 pm EST

    • Live Zoom Course Orientation and Introductions

Wednesdays – Five Fabulous 90 Minute Live Zoom Classes – Start January 10

    • 4:30 – 6:00 pm EDT. On the following dates – January 10, January 31, February 21, March 13, April 3.

Mondays New Sequence Arrives

    • Receive notification of your next pre-recorded class delivered to your email inbox. Visit your course blog page to read and reflect on 3 questions for each pre-recorded class to help you claim your experience. Post your responses, comments or questions on the blog page (link provided).

Sundays Clarification – 5 pm Live on Zoom – Every Sunday January 14 thru March 31

    • 5:00 – 6:00 pm EDT, In this class 30 minutes will be spent exploring additional techniques and poses to release specific area of your anatomy to encourage your fluid body. Live Q and A – Questions addressed Live and from the course Blog Page. Please keep questions relevant to the current weeks class sequence. Thank you.

Wednesday April 3, 2024-– 4:30 – 6:00 pm EDT

    • Live Zoom Class and Graduation Celebration! – Yeah!

*Note: Live Zoom classes and Live Zoom Q and A sessions will be posted in your course on Vimeo within 24 hrs.

Experience you can trust.

C-IAYT, Adaptive Yoga and Back Care Specialist.

Equipped with a purposeful combination of experience and empathy, Lillah Schwartz, guides yoga students and teachers to discover the physical benefits, deep healing, heart resonance, and spiritual awakening that yoga offers.

Based on her personal experience with injury and an extensive background in anatomy and physiology, Lillah has for more than 35 years shared the science and spirit of yoga wisdom with thousands of students and teachers, helping them connect with their healing potential to overcome pain and enjoy a more vibrant and authentic life.

An IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist, Lillah is recognized as a leader in yoga for back care. Author of the successful 2016 book, Healing Our Backs with Yoga, she has also produced several wellness courses for YogaU Online. Since 1998 she offered her widely respected teacher-training programs at the 200 & 500-hour levels, including adaptive yoga and therapeutics. She also created a comprehensive teacher-training/ manual used by other yoga instructors.

Lillah pioneered the Iyengar method in North Carolina from 1981–2009, and held an Iyengar teaching certificate for 23 years. She is also a Registered Yoga Teacher with the National Yoga Alliance (E-RYT500) and CEU provider.

Using a range of teaching platforms and materials, Lillah continues to share the benefits of her years of ongoing learning and lived experience with countless appreciative yoga practitioners.

Lillah Schwartz - Headshot

The Yoga Wisdom: Vibrant After 50 – Live Online Course

The Yoga Wisdom: Vibrant After 50 – Live Online Course will inform and add additional wisdom to your practice whether you have limited yoga experience, years of practice, or have embarked on a yoga teacher-training or yoga therapy journey.

Again – Your mission—should you choose to accept it—is to develop a comprehensive and sustainable yoga practice to help you avoid joint injury, maintain mobility and strength, and reduce stress, in 13 short weeks, so you can become more confident, centered, and vibrant beyond the age of 50. And share this with your students!

“My intent is to help you transform your practice, find dominion within yourself to understand yoga as a conduit for healing, and to reduce your suffering on many levels.” ~Lillah

Lillah Schwartz in a Yoga pose

If you were to pursue a similar level of training, you’d have to spend several thousand dollars over many, many years. Or, if you hired a private Yoga Therapist such as myself you would pay $1500 or more. Purchasing online courses individually to cover all these topics you would cost you $800 and up. This offer is built on a goldmine of expertise that can form the basis of a sustainable and safe yoga practice you can start today and enjoy for years to come.

 Making the Greater Value: More than $2300

This 38-hour training is limited to only 18 participants so register soon!

The Fair Market Value: $917.95

  • 8 pre-recorded yoga practice sequences – Value $240
  • 7 PDFS, including the practice sequences, training tips, and more—Value $125
  • Free 30-minute private session with Lillah – Value $75
  • Free copy of Lillah’s book, Healing Our Backs with Yoga – Value $27.95
  • 12 hours of live contact and coaching – Value $300
  • 5 – 90 minute live zoom classes plus their recordings– Value $120
  • Satisfaction guarantee – Value $30

Your Price – $495

Because I know how important new knowledge and support is to help you either renew and establish your yoga practice, or grow as a yoga teacher…  I am extending to you a savings of $110 as an Early Registration offer EXTENDED until December 2024. Use code – YOGAWISDOM   Receive a 38-hour training for the cost of a 12-hour weekend yours for only $385 

Bonus Added! Receive 3 months FREE access to my membership library. Enjoy over 40 intentional sequences covering various yoga themes and continue to grow your skills. Free membership will begin when the live course ends giving you 6 months of support toward your good health with yoga.

Payment plans and scholarships available. Use the contact form below.

Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

Listen to the stirrings of wisdom in your own self…the authentic part of you that knows you want to deepen your yoga practice now—more than ever—to help you manage the physical and emotional stresses that life presents.

I am so confident this series will help you stay strong, balanced, and flexible – body – mind and spirit, that I am willing to give you a 30-day money back guarantee, minus credit card fees.

(10% of all Proceeds donated to Heifer International)

100% Money Back Guarantee

Don’t miss out!  Register Now . . . for this comprehensive program.

Enjoy real-time interactive group learning and support from Lillah and your peers. The Yoga Wisdom: Vibrant After 50 – Live Online Course, includes all videos from the Yoga Vitality After 50 Series.

If you miss out and  . . .

You are not one of the first 18 students to register, you can always embark on an independent study with the original stand-alone video package — Yoga Vitality After 50 Series.  Originally $200, On sale for $99 from November 21st to December 31, 2023.

Read the full description of the stand alone course and  Purchase here.

Just a few more steps...

Have your credit or debit card ready, and click on the “Buy Now” button. You will be taken to a secure shopping cart. After you complete the check out process you will receive an Order Confirmation with several PDFs. Please download. A pre-paid course link and other course information will be in the “Welcome” PDF.

Then mark your calendar for Sunday January 7, 2024 – 5 pm EST for our First Live Zoom class together! Also, watch for a few reminder emails before that from my Acuity Scheduler with information to help you prepare.

“Thank you for your commitment to seeking a deeper understanding of yoga practice and teaching tools. I look forward to being your mentor.”  Lillah

Have Questions?

Send Lillah an email at: onelove @yoga withLillah .com
Or Send me a message below.

Lines of communication are always open. Feel free to email me ( Contact form ) or send me a Facebook message with any questions you may have. You can also watch short clips of mine on You Tube.

Note to yoga teachers: This course is registered with Yoga Alliance for 38 CEU hours. YACEP provider. Also, approved CEU’s for C- IAYT yoga therapists are pending.

In the Light and Truth of Yoga,


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