Yoga Power of Breath

At long last an Integrated Breath Practice

to Nourish your Vitality, Mental Clarity, and Intuition.

Do you ever hold your breath in yoga?


You’re not the only one! Sometimes the mind gets so busy, we simply forget to breathe.

Perhaps are you simply unsure what the best way is to breathe for good health, vitality, and mental/emotional clarity?

Did you know there are simple yet profound yoga breathing techniques backed by scientific research and used by professionals across the globe to increase physical endurance and spiritual strength?

In just a few weeks, these breath practices will invigorate your daily routine, help you reduce stress and anxiety, improve your health and mental outlook, and offer you new ways to connect to your spiritual heart for a more satisfying life.

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In my years of teaching . . .


In my years of teaching and practicing yoga and pranayama, the power of breath continued to escape me until recently. Even though I was able to benefit from the relaxation provided by rhythmic breathing in asana, the deeper gifts of the subtle aspects of breath remained hidden.

During much of my life, stress levels were high and I feared letting go of control, conditions that allowed subtle anxiety to reign and disturb my nervous system. 

It wasn’t until the challenge of the pandemic that I could no longer ignore how the subtle separation between heart, mind, and breath had been diminishing my health.

Starting with my particular health challenge and inspired by James Nestor‘s book, Breathe, I spent the next six months taking a deep dive into the study of breath. Through this process I came to some new realizations, made changes in the way I breathe, and improved my health.

Through my study, and practice I have experienced firsthand how important it is to breathe properly, whether on a yoga mat or a mattress! 

Guided by the wisdom and teachings of Yoga, I’m excited to share what I’ve discovered with you. 

Now you too can benefit. . .


By sharing with you what I discovered, you too will find new ways to claim the healing power of your breath.

The course I created to help you sustain your health and vitality is called,

Consciously Exhale: The Power of Breath

Grounded in current research-informed breath practices that are rooted in ancient yoga wisdom, this course invites you to experience firsthand the positive influence breath has on the physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of your being. And make it part of your life!

Limited yoga experience?

No worries. The breath knows no boundaries.

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What The Experts Are Saying . . .



“Yes, breathing in different patterns really can influence our body weight and overall health. Yes, how we breathe really does affect the size and function of our lungs. Yes, breathing allows us to hack into our own nervous system, control our immune response, and restore our health. Yes, changing how we breathe will help us live longer.” 

—James Nestor, Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art

Lillah is a highly informed and gracious teacher. This class helped grow my awareness of how I breathe and provided strategies to experiment with my breath. I’m finding that with practice my stamina is improving, and it takes less time to fall back to sleep when I awaken in the middle of the night.

Jean H. Course Participant

There was ample explanation and time to practice each type of breathwork with sensitive and knowledgeable feedback to questions and challenges of participants. The spiritual aspects of yoga were beautifully woven into the breathwork experience.

John C. Course Participant

“Lillah, I just read your posts on breathing. Your ability to synthesize a great deal of information, simplify it but not dumb it down, adding image and metaphor, is absolutely wonderful. Your teaching style is clear, coherent, and focused. The way you approach the breath is with an air of caution and at the same time giving people options. It’s like a basic breathing starter kit. You’ve done an amazing job of integrating a lot of information in order to help a lot of people.”

—Dr. Michael J. Shea, preeminent educator and author in the fields of somatic psychology, myofascial release, and craniosacral therapy.

I really like your style of delivery.  Your voice resonates with me and the speed you talk at does too.Thank you for all of the time you took to put this class together and teach it.

Gayle R. Course Participant

Some Key Benefits you’ll discover in this course…

  • Techniques to effectively reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improved breath capacity for better endurance
  • Restore suppleness and health of your diaphragm
  • Establish mental and emotional calm in the face of change
  • Greater core awareness and stability
  • Learn to establish heart, breath, coherence for mental clarity
  • Regulate breathing patterns to normalize heart rate
  • Stimulate the vagus nerve to improve the “rest and digest” response
  • Improve restful sleep
  • Deeper connection to your spiritual heart and intuition
  • Build vitality with the support of community
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What You Will Receive in This Course . . .

  • A month of breath practices to deeply connect body, heart, and soul 
  • Four 90-minute instructional classes, Thursdays, 4:30-6:00 pm EDT
  • Twelve 30-minute guided breath practice sessions meeting Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 7:00 am EDT
  • Six detailed PDFs outlining the key concepts presented in each class 
  • All classes held live on Zoom and recorded for repeat viewing 
  • Weekly yoga poses to prepare the physical body for a deeper experience of breath 
  • Homework to help broaden your experience and build your personal breath practice
  • Access to the password protected web page hosting all course content and class recordings 

    And More . . .

    • An understanding of functional breathing compared to belly breathing
    • The spiritual importance of central channel breathing
    • Why coherent breathing leads to the highest integration of body, mind, and spirit 
    • How traditional yoga pranayama techniques open the energetic body and improve sensitivity
    • How the four element breaths lead to deep meditation and self-renewal 
    • Receive the benefit of group energy to support your growth and experience 
    • Experience the support of like-minded practitioners on the journey 

      Consciously Exhale: The Power of Breath

      … will give you the knowledge and understanding you’ll need to improve the overall quality of your life — no matter what your age or fitness level. You’ll learn to be more at home in your body, more comfortable, confident, and courageous about moving through your life.

      My name is Lillah Schwartz and I will be your guide.

      Certified in Yoga Therapy – C-IAYT, Adaptive Yoga and Back Care Specialist.

      As a health and wellness practitioner, Lillah has for 40 years pursued the many physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits of yoga. Long regarded as an expert in back care through yoga, Lillah recently has been delving into the myriad and inter-connected aspects of breathwork as an integral aspect of yoga and life in general. 

      Recognized in the field as a yoga teacher trainer,  yoga therapist, and author of the 2016 book, Healing Our Backs with Yoga, Lillah offers the science and spirit of yoga to thousands who have become pain-free from her alignment-based, heartfelt instruction.

      For more about Lillah’s background, training, and skillset, and to view her workshops and online classes including her 5 yoga courses with Yoga U Online, visit www.yogawithlillah.com

      You’re in good hands!

      Yoga teacher Namaste hands

      The 12 hours of guided breathwork training offered here is a tremendous value. Purchasing online courses individually to cover all the topics outlined above would cost you $800 and up. Or, hiring a private Yoga Therapist such as myself you would pay over $1000. This offer is built on a goldmine of research and expertise that can form the basis of a sustainable and safe yoga breath and meditation practice you can start today and enjoy for years to come.

      Making the Value Greater than $1800 

      Fair Market Value: $495

      • Four 90-minute Digital Yoga Classes including Q & A – Value $100
      • 12 Individual Guided Practice Sets – Value $240
      • 6 Educational Peer Reviewed PDFs – Value $125
      • Satisfaction guarantee – Value $30 

      Actual Price — $157

      Because I understand how important the breath is to help you minimize stress and maintain good health on all levels, I am happy to have you Save $30 as my Introductory Offer.  

       Purchase this transformative journey for only $127!  Use Code EXHALE30 at check out.  

      Just a few more steps……


      100% Satisfaction Guarantee

      I have such confidence in the effectiveness of this training to help you reduce stress, improve your mental outlook, and reclaim your spiritual heart, that I am willing to give you a 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days after the purchase of the program, minus credit card fees.


      100% Money Back Guarantee

      Lines of communication are always open. Feel free to email me ( Contact form ) or send me a Facebook message with any questions you may have. You can also watch short clips of mine on You Tube.

      Note to yoga teachers: This course is registered with Yoga Alliance for 12 CEU hours. YACEP provider.

      In the Light and Truth of Yoga,


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