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Learn proven ways to relieve and reduce back pain

even if you lack flexibility and feel out of shape.

Are you fed up searching for back pain relief?


Are you fed up searching for back pain relief, having tried dozens and dozens of yoga and back care classes?

Search no more!

I have some secrets to share that will jumpstart your healing journey.

I will show you simple yet profound yoga moves based on the techniques used by professionals to lessen pain and re-pattern structural muscles.

In just a few weeks, these practices will boost your confidence, provide ease of movement, stimulate healing, and offer ways to avoid back discomfort in the future.

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I know a lot about back pain. . .


When I was 16, I busted my tailbone in a horse accident, suffered amnesia, and sat on a whoopee cushion for six weeks. There was no particular therapy offered. I was simply told to be patient, that my body would heal.

Little did I know that 15 years later I would end up with chronic low back, hip, and knee pain. I knew if I could just find the right combination of exercises, I could heal. I needed to know more but didn’t have extra dollars to spend for professional help.

That’s when I turned to yoga.

I was able to apply my background in anatomy to the poses, and after years of studying yoga and other back pain management systems, plus trial and error, I created a set of customized yoga sequences that helped me relieve my back pain and keep me pain-free.

Now, 35 years later I am agile, flexible, and strong.

When back pain does arrive, I know just what to do to find relief…and you can too!

I know from personal experience. . .


I know from personal experience that healing back pain isn’t always easy. Many recommended back care exercise routines contradict each other.

And yoga, when practiced without a back care perspective, can actually lead to back injury! This is why I am sharing with you the information I’ve put together over many years and have taught hundreds of students.

The materials I’m offering will provide you with a reliable, easy-to-follow path to pain relief and improved function.

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The Yoga Healthy Back Box Cover

You can now enjoy access to all my years of study, knowledge, and experience to address the challenges of back pain to help you start feeling better right away.


The course package I created for you is called…

The Yoga Healthy Back Training

Join thousands of my students who have learned to relieve, heal, and manage their back pain by applying simple physical and physiological principles to foundational yoga poses.

No yoga experience?

No worries.  This is a great place to start.

What You’ll Discover…

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  • The forces that contribute to back pain and how to address them.
  • Why alignment and movement are so important to build and maintain a healthy back.
  • How to gradually and efficiently build core strength without strain.
  • Little known facts about fascia, the connective tissue that will help you unlock the mystery of back pain.
  • That the release of back pain is dependent on the extension of the spine.
  • A special formula that tells you how to evaluate the subjective experience of pain and how to release it.
  • How to best use your breath to reduce stress and promote healing.

What Students Are Saying . . .


“As one who has had some back problems with associated limitation of motion, I was pleased to be able to do Lillah’s back care exercises with relative ease. In my specialty of occupational medicine, I work with several people in the industry who are troubled by back pain.  I feel I can recommend Lillah’s program without any reservation.”

~ Dr. James Turpin

“After years of intense gardening and tennis, my joints were stiffening rather dramatically, especially my knees and back. After reluctantly seeing an orthopedic specialist for chronic back pain, I discovered Lillah’s back care program. After only a few weeks my lower back pain had diminished and I’m still in awe of how well I move and stand.”

~ Cathy Walgate

Retail sales

“Several years ago I had a pretty severe back injury. Luckily, Lillah was recommended. The process was slow but progressive, so that today I not only have full use of my back, but I am feeling more supple than I can remember being. I seem to be getting more limber as time goes on. Made the trend continue!”

~ Doug Johnston


“Lillah, I wanted to let you know that your back care practices have made a big difference in my life. I have had low back pain off and on over 20 years. Last year my back hurt pretty much all the time. Following your practices was difficult at first, since I did not see any difference for a while. Sticking with the video classes and practicing a couple times a week finally worked for me. After three months, my pain is pretty much gone.”

~ Rich Elwyn

Business manager

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“I started practicing yoga with Lillah after a back injury. Following the back care practice she outlined, I’ve recovered from three episodes of herniated disks. I appreciate being free from pain and active on our farm.”

~ Jim Reed


“Lillah has a complete understanding of the physical body, as well as the ability to tap into a student’s deepest emotional response, which fosters a love for the art of yoga. She is the gold standard by which I measure other teachers and trainings.”

~ Vickie Manning

Vocational Rehabilitation Psychologist

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What exactly is The Yoga Healthy Back Training?


The Yoga Healthy Back Training is a specially curated collection of materials on back pain management that I produced over several years, including an online course, my popular back care book, and companion DVDs. The content reflects my continuous commitment to my students and myself to provide the understanding and effective measures for the management of back pain. I’m delighted to share my insights and practical wisdom with you.

Here’s everything you’ll receive in this unique and comprehensive course:

1. Yoga for a Healthy Back: Key Elements & Practice for Back Pain Relief

Yoga for a Healthy Back: Key Elements & Practice for Back Pain Relief, where we explore the causes and the “cures” for back pain using accessible yoga poses and breathing techniques.

In the 1-hour webinar portion, I’ll explain, in a practical way, the principles of anatomy and physiology as they relate to the back, and how we can understand and improve our back health to prevent further injury. 

Lillah's Yoga U course

The 4 Practice Modules

Module 1

Basic set of poses designed to reduce muscle spasms and provide relief from lower back pain. ($30 Value)


  • Investigate the balance and benefit of good posture.
  • Learn about the pelvic clock and how to align your hips, pelvis, and spine to avoid re-injury.
  • Practice a simple way to both lengthen and tone the psoas, our primary core muscle.
  • Discover an effective way to tone your transverse abdominus muscle and build support for your low back.
  • Discover how to use your breath to reduce back pain.
  • Explore the importance of alignment to create length and space in the spine.

Module 2

How to improve the range of motion of the hip joints in order to relieve stress and strain in the lower back to help promote a better understanding of what your body needs. ($30 Value)


  • Practice yoga moves for each of the six anatomical movements of the hips.
  • Learn to identify which muscles are long or short to improve functional balance.
  • Discover how to use your legs to help to extend your spine.
  • Learn additional poses to tone abdominal muscles for spinal support.
  • Receive modified versions of poses designed for those who are muscle bound, which can result in impaired elasticity and flexibility.

Module 3

An introduction to self-applied spinal traction and how to use safe twisting poses to avoid or release muscle spasms that help reduce acute back pain. ($30 Value)


  • Learn a supine 2-belt alternate leg traction to decompress the lumbar spine and release muscle spasms.
  • Experience simple foundational twisting poses that improve spinal flexibility without strain.
  • Learn poses that lengthen your spine to help you move toward lasting pain relief and stand taller.
  • Reduce your stress with a supported breath practice.

Module 4

Additional poses to strengthen and stabilize the muscles along the spine, with tips for their best application. If you are experiencing acute back pain, please don’t practice this module until your pain has diminished. ($30 Value)


  • Practice poses that develop strength in your legs to support spinal extension and tone.
  • Continue to create muscular balance and stability to prevent further injury.
  • Create stability in your spine with poses that tone the deep spinal muscles and fascia.
  • Learn a simple inverted pose to improve circulation and deeply relax the muscles of the lower back.
  • Receive specific guidance to help you identify positive, negative, and post exercise pain.

Recordings & Transcripts of Webinar Material

($25 Value)


Videos are hosted at Yoga U Online. You have unlimited access to watch them on their platform or download them to your device. Plus, you’ll get access to recordings of the webinar session, both MP3 (downloadable) and MP4 (streaming online), so you can go back and listen to the webinar as many times as you like.

2. Healing Our Backs with Yoga: An Essential Guide to Back Pain Relief  

A hard copy of Lillah’s signature book. This carefully chosen and reliable combination of yoga poses includes the essential keys you need to know to safely embark on your journey to a pain-free back. ($125 Value)

The book contains:


  • Step-by-step instructions with 285 color photos.
  • Clear explanations of each pose, with hints and cautions.
  • A systematic approach to using yoga for back pain management that addresses the entire spine, the neck, and the shoulders.
  • Poses that safely build flexibility and strength.
  • Explanations of the nature of pain and the messages it has for us.
  • Easy to understand descriptions of the physiology of back pain and its causes.
  • The “essentials” of alignment simplified so you can act on this information with confidence.
  • An investigation of practical anatomy so you can easily identify which of your muscles are out of balance. 
  • An easy-to-follow chart that matches long and short muscles with yoga poses to help you customize your personal practice.
  • 22 Progressive sequences to choose from to support a variety of movements needed for long-term healing.
  • A section devoted to the four types of pelvic imbalances and SI joint dysfunction.
3D Book Cover - Healing Our Backs with Yoga - Lillah Schwartz - Paperback

3. Two Free DVDs! ($30 Value)

You’ll receive a free copy of the two DVDs I produced that contain additional video practices of the Basic Low Back Sequence and the Basic Neck and Shoulder Sequence offered in my book.

Enjoy easy-to-follow verbal cues for these two foundational sequences, including demonstrations of common mistakes and how to correct them, followed by 22-minute practice sets.

Your choice: Digital videos or physical DVDs.

Two DVD Set - Yoga: Freedom from Back Pain and Yoga: Relief from Neck and Shoulder Pain from Lillah Schwartz

4. Special Practice Bonus! ($50 Value)

10 Quick Reference Pose Sheets

These are full-color PDFs of key sequences from the 22 themed sequences presented in the book.

Use them for quick reference or transfer them to any device for ease of travel in order to maintain your practice.

You can also print and bring them to your mat to support your practice unplugged!

PDF Cover pages for Lillah Schwartz

Hello, My name is Lillah Schwartz,

C-IAYT, Adaptive Yoga and Back Care Specialist.

My life’s work has been learning how to heal myself from back pain and stay pain free, and then to share what I’ve learned with others. I have studied and taught yoga and functional anatomy for more than 30 years, am recognized in the field as an author and leader in yoga for back care, have earned several credentials in such areas as yoga therapeutics and adaptive yoga, have taught countless 200- and 500-hour teacher-training programs, as well as yoga therapy levels to hundreds of students.

The information, perspective, and many of the poses that comprise The Yoga Healthy Back Training have been the basis of the weekly back pain relief classes I have taught for 25 years with documented remarkable results.

The Yoga Healthy Back Training will, in addition to helping you managing your back pain, give you the knowledge and understanding you’ll need to improve the overall quality of your life—no matter what your age or fitness level. You’ll learn to be more at home in your body, more comfortable, confident, and courageous about moving through your life.


Lillah Schwartz Yogi Author


…Getting up in the morning without back pain…


…Knowing exactly what to do when back pain does re-occur.


Even though there is no silver bullet, you can create sustainable back health with the help of this training at a remarkably low price.

Fair Market Value: $380

  • Yoga U Course with downloadable videos and transcripts  – Value $145
  • Healing Our Backs book with practice sequences, training tips, and more—Value $125
  • Two Companion DVDs for the low back, neck, and shoulders – Value $30
  • 10 Quick Reference Pose Sheet PDFs – Value $50
  • 6-month guarantee – Value $30

(Shipping on book only)

Retail Price: $232

As someone who has suffered with back pain, I know how important it is for you to have this information, so I am happy to help you save 57% as an Introductory Offer. Buy this amazing series now before the timer runs out for Only $99.   (shipping fee book only)

100% Money-Back Guarantee

I have such confidence in the effectiveness of this training to help you reduce, manage, and even heal your back pain, that I am willing to give you a 100% money-back guarantee for 6 months, minus credit card fees.


100% Money Back Guarantee

Lines of communication are always open. Feel free to email me ( Contact form ) or send me a Facebook message with any questions you may have. You can also watch short clips of mine on You Tube.

Note to yoga teachers: This course is registered with Yoga Alliance for 10 CEU hours. YACEP provider.

In the Light and Truth of Yoga,


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