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Discover, a proven yoga program to stabilize your S.I. joints for pain relief and reliable hip mobility. Live Online.

Did you know your yoga practice could actually be eroding the stability of your SI joints?

If you’re like most of my students you’re counting on yoga to help you stay flexible, relieve joint pain, reduce stress, and keep your joints healthy through time.

However, an anatomically incorrect yoga practice, overstretching, and a lack of knowledge of the fundamental biomechanics of your hips and sacroiliac joints consistently contribute to the growing epidemic of pelvic instability and injury among yoga practitioners. 

So if you are a yoga teacher or student hoping for healthy hip joints that last for a lifetime… continue reading.

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I see the same pattern over and over


I see the same pattern over and over again among new and experienced yoga teachers and students. . .

Tracey was in her 30s, athletic, and full of life. As long as she kept up her strong physical activities, she didn’t notice her hips were out of balance. Until she started a yoga practice.

After a short time she began experiencing disturbing pain in her knee, hip, and lower back, and couldn’t seem to find relief. Going through a typical yoga practice only made the pain worse.

Surprisingly, yoga practitioners are experiencing more and more hip problems due to unrecognized pelvic asymmetries and sacroiliac joint instabilities. 

After three months of relearning proper body mechanics and understanding the pattern of her particular pelvic asymmetry, Tracey’s  back and knee pain had diminished, and her hips were more stable.

Six months later she was pain-free 90% of the time and understood exactly how to practice correctly and which yoga poses were most helpful to her body. 

Now you too can have this knowledge.

Because of my own personal experience

Because of my own personal experience with SI joint dysfunction and pelvic asymmetry, as well as observing the growing number of students who complain of hip pain, I have pulled together all the practices I’ve discovered over the years to help you find pain relief and hip stability.

Whether you are 30 or 60 years old, a yoga student or a yoga teacher, you may be practicing yoga in a way that causes further imbalances in your hips. It’s time to find out if you have an asymmetric pelvis and if your poses are helping or hurting you.

The 5-week Live Online Training package is called. . .

The Happy Pelvis Yoga Training

My goal with this course is to provide you with the anatomical information, practice tips, and self-awareness you need to help you make sense of your pelvis and return to a functional, pain-free yoga practice.

Happy Pelvis Course image representing what is included: Addressing Pelvic Asymmetry, Live Yoga Training, and 10 Yoga Moves to Tame the Psoas from Lillah Schwartz

What’s included:

  • Six 90-minute live classes on Zoom. Meeting Wednesdays at 4:00 pm EST.
  • Four Live Zoom Q&A sessions with Lillah. Be on your mat just in case!  
  • All Live classes recorded and available for later viewing so you can attend live or watch later in Vimeo.
  • A copy of Lillah’s Yoga U course – “Addressing Pelvic Asymmetry” – offering indispensable information to set the framework for a productive live practice interaction.
  • A copy of – “10 Yoga Moves to Tame the Psoas & Reduce Back Pain” video package.
  • PDF handouts emailed to your inbox at the time of purchase.
  • A Free 30-minute Zoom consultation with Lillah to fine-tune your understanding.
  • Permanent access to all course materials.

Benefits you’ll experience:

  • Receive informed guidance on the proper execution of common yoga poses to avoid injury
  • Practice well rounded pose sequences, created by a therapeutic yoga expert, which will support healthy hips
  • Improve your ability to stand and walk longer distances without discomfort in a matter of weeks
  • Experience how the physiology of stretching can release physical pain and discomfort with ease
  • Investigate techniques to distinguish between lower back and Sacroiliac joint pain
  • Explore how the right use of breath is at the core of stability and the mind/body connection 
  • Claim the feeling of groundedness and security that comes from a stable pelvis
  • Receive direct guidance on how to identify the map of your body for greater certainty about which poses to practice and which to avoid

What my students say . . .

“I love taking online classes with Lillah! Her knowledge of the body is exceptional. She is so attentive to her students throughout the Zoom session, making the experience so very personal.  She has the eye to read bodies very well and has us make adjustments even though we are miles apart.  As a Yoga Teacher myself, she has enriched my personal practice in ways I never imagined and helped me to find relief in my low back and hips!

~ Pam B.

200 Hr. Certified Yoga Instructor

“Lillah taught me how to manage my physical, emotional, and mental issues for a better quality of life. My unstable pelvis will never go away, but I know how to manage it myself for a pain-free life thanks to Lillah. I am also a yoga teacher, and I routinely use her insights and sequencing in my classes. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that my classes are the most well attended at TWO different studios. Lillah is a treasure.”
~ Annie

500 Hr. Certified Yoga Instructor

“I especially love the way Lillah will demonstrate a posture, point out what parts of the body to focus on when doing the posture, and include a list of all benefits. With her keen eye, she pinpoints our off-target posture and provides constructive and effective feedback to improve or modify the pose. I learned so much about my body by taking her classes. I have been her student for 6 months now, and I am so grateful for her wisdom and guidance.”
~ Phyllis

200/500 Hr. Certified Yoga Instructor

“I’ve been very surprised to feel more fluidity and openness in my hips over the past several months working with you on stabilizing and strengthening vs opening and stretching. I’m sure that’s no surprise to you but I’m just so grateful to be on the right track.

~ Deborah M.

Vinyasa Yoga Student

Lotus flower on blue water
“Lillah, you are a gifted and generous teacher and a beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing your vast experience through incisive observations and personalized instruction. I’m amazed what you can detect through a Zoom camera!
~ Deb P.

Yoga Student

The Skills you’ll acquire live:

♥ Understand the three common mechanical errors in yoga that contribute to S.I. joint pain

♥ Hints and cautions for embarking on a yoga practice when you have SI joint discomfort 

♥ The magic of Pelvic Reset Techniques used by professionals to correct and stabilize the SI joints

♥ Learn how to effectively release and tone the psoas muscles for improved posture and sacral support

♥ The best and safest ways to stretch your piriformis muscle 

♥ Tools to manage the lower back pain that comes from SI joint dysfunction

♥ Ways to address muscular imbalance for greater overall stability and function

♥ Learn how the physiology of stretching can release physical pain and discomfort with ease

♥ Discover the best practices when choosing twisting poses to keep your SI joints safe

♥ Tools to manage the lower back pain that comes from SI joint dysfunction

♥ Come to understand the importance of symmetrical toning as the foundation of your yoga practice

♥ Move in exact precise and gentle ways to avoid unnecessary discomfort

♥ Recognize daily habits that are easy to change and contribute to SI joint dysfunction

♥ Gain a repertoire of poses that will not disturb your S.I. joints!

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Including ~ “Addressing Pelvic Asymmetry” YogaU course:

Pre-recorded Lecture with corresponding PDF’s:

1. Introduction to basic anatomy and the four types of S.I. joint dysfunction.

2. Learn seven muscle range of motion tests as objective measures to learn the map of your pelvis.

3. Practice a supine anatomically balanced hip series to subjectively measure and respond to the sensations of long and short muscles.

    Pre-recorded Practice Sets in the Yoga U Course

    Practice 1 – Unstick the Sacroiliac Joints

    How to traction your hips and S.I. joints safely. How to avoid the over stretching that perpetuates injury.

    Practice 2 – Poses to Stabilize the Sacrum

    Practice baseline poses for symmetrical toning of the pelvis. Plus ways to identify imbalances between the hips and thighs.

    Practice 3 – Open and Balance the Pelvic Floor

    A dynamic asana class to open and balance the pelvic floor in type-four sacral asymmetries.

    Practice 4 – Poses to Build Core Tone

    Effective front thigh releases combined with back body toning for deep pelvic stability. Plus guidance to address the challenges of balance.

    Experience you can trust.

    C-IAYT, Adaptive Yoga and Back Care Specialist.

    Equipped with a purposeful combination of experience and empathy, Lillah Schwartz, guides yoga students and teachers to discover the physical benefits, deep healing, heart resonance, and spiritual awakening that yoga offers.

    Based on her personal experience with injury and an extensive background in anatomy and physiology, Lillah has for more than 35 years shared the science and spirit of yoga wisdom with thousands of students and teachers, helping them connect with their healing potential to overcome pain and enjoy a more vibrant and authentic life.

    An IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist, Lillah is recognized as a leader in yoga for back care. Author of the successful 2016 book, Healing Our Backs with Yoga, she has also produced several wellness courses for YogaU Online. Since 1998 she offered her widely respected teacher-training programs at the 200 & 500-hour levels, including adaptive yoga and therapeutics. Lillah pioneered the Iyengar method in North Carolina from 1981–2009, and held an Iyengar teaching certificate for 23 years. She is also a Registered Yoga Teacher with the National Yoga Alliance (E-RYT500) and CEU provider.

    Using a range of teaching platforms and materials, Lillah continues to share the benefits of her years of ongoing learning and lived experience with countless appreciative yoga practitioners.

    Lillah in a yoga Tree pose

    Learn how to manage your pelvis so you can adjust yourself in any yoga class and stay safe!

    It’s vital for yoga practitioners to understand they’re especially vulnerable to the deleterious effects of pelvic asymmetry and misguided practice.

    So if you are interested in expanding your yoga tool kit for ongoing pain relief and stability, join me for this well-rounded and in-depth study of the pelvis. Find the path to keep your hips happy and integrated!  

    I have made it my mission to help students like you find pain relief, avoid confusion, and continue to benefit from an informed yoga practice that actually helps your body and mind stay healthy and resilient.

    The Happy Pelvis Yoga Training begins Wednesday March 15th at 4:00-5:30 pm.

    If you have a leg length discrepancy, are practicing and/or teaching yoga, plus have any pain in your hip area, knees, or lower back…you need this course!

    Yoga Alliance – 12 CEU Hours. Link to Course Study Schedule

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    Over 30 years of training, practice, and experience has gone into creating this program. If you were to pursue a similar level of training you could spend upward of $3000, with years of your time. If you hired a private yoga therapist like myself you would pay $1800 and up. This offer is built on a goldmine of expertise that can form the basis of a sustainable and safe yoga practice you can start today and enjoy for years to come.

    Making the Greater Value: more than $1800

    Due to the nature of the material, this training is limited to 16 students.

    So Claim Your Space Today!​ 

    The Fair Market Value: $677

    • Yoga U Course with a 1-hour  Powerpoint and 4 downloadable videos and transcripts  – Value $127
    • Six 90-minute Live Zoom classes recorded  – Value $180
    • Four hours of Live Q&A with Lillah recorded – Value $120

    •  A copy of 10 Yoga Moves to Tame the Psoas video package – Value $155

    • Free 30-minute Private Lesson on Zoom with Lillah – Value $75
    • Additional PDF handouts – Value $30
    • 30-day money back guarantee –  Value $20
    • Actual Price – $339

    Because I know from my own experience how unsettling it is for the base of your spine to not be underneath you… and because I truly want to empower you with the knowledge that will help you live with happy hips… I am extending to you a savings of $57 with this special offer of $282

    Just a few more items... After you complete the check out process you will receive an Order Confirmation  containing the course outline, all PDF’s for the course, and a unique pre-paid log-in for Vimeo. Within 3-5 days you will receive an email from Yoga U giving you access to that course on their platform. Also watch for a confirmation email from Acuity Scheduling with the Live Zoom link, viewing set-up information, and to receive 24 hr email reminders for all live classes.

    Then mark your calendar for February  2024 Start, for our First Zoom class together! 

    “Thank you for your commitment to seeking a deeper understanding of yoga practice and teaching tools. I look forward to being your mentor.”  ~ Lillah

    Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

    Listen to the stirrings of wisdom in your own self…the authentic part of you that knows you want to deepen your yoga practice now—more than ever—to help you manage the physical and emotional stresses caused by pelvic asymmetry.

    I am so confident this series will help you stay strong, balanced, and flexible – body – mind and spirit, that I am willing to give you a 30-day money back guarantee, minus credit card fees.

    100% Money Back Guarantee
    3D Book Cover - Healing Our Backs with Yoga - Lillah Schwartz - Paperback

    Consider adding on a copy of Lillah’s signature book – Healing Our backs with Yoga in physical or digital format. Offering step-by-step instructions with 285 color photos, explanations, hints, and cautions, 22 time-tested sequences, and three sections for the low back, upper back, and sacrum.

    Have Questions?

    Send Lillah a message below.

    Lines of communication are always open. Feel free to email me ( Contact form ) or send me a Facebook message with any questions you may have. You can also watch short clips of mine on You Tube.

    Note to yoga teachers: This course is registered with Yoga Alliance for 13 CEU hours. YACEP provider.

    In the Light and Truth of Yoga,


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