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At long last,

a comprehensive and sustainable yoga program to keep you vibrant after 50, and minimize your risk of injury.

Are you a yoga practitioner over 50?


As a yoga practitioner over 50, do you find yourself getting more joint injuries over time but are not sure how to address them safely with your yoga practice?

If you have some yoga experience and consider yourself to be an active person over 50, this program will help you avoid joint injury, maintain and enhance your mobility, strength, and balance as you age, while bolstering your sense of purpose and connection to yourself and others.

Lillah in a Lunge Yoga Pose

When I started my yoga journey . . .


When I started my yoga journey in 1979, I was seeking a reliable and accessible way to relieve physical pain and emotional insecurity so that I could enjoy my life and feel good every day. My healing quest led me to study many different aspects of yoga to test their effectiveness firsthand.

When I landed one day in an Iyengar yoga class, my practice took a giant leap forward. I discovered connections in my body I never knew existed. My background in anatomy and physiology began to make sense and my pain diminished as I practiced this alignment-based method. I continued to study and train in that method for 30 years, during which time I was able to correct many structural imbalances that were the basis of my physical pain, as well as evolve into a more confident and centered person.

The knowledge I gained has helped me maintain the vitality and mobility of a woman much younger than my 60-plus years. When I do find myself in physical or emotional distress, I know exactly which yoga tools to use. Now you can know too.

I have condensed my years of study . . .


I have condensed my years of study and teaching into a brand-new series based on a well-rounded combination of poses to help you age gracefully and keep you strong, balanced, and flexible—body, mind, and spirit.


I know from personal experience how to address the challenges of staying vigorous and dynamic after 50, and I am sure this approach will help you start feeling good right away.


The course I designed for you is called the

Yoga After 50 Vitality Series.

Yoga After 50 Vitality Series Course Cover

What Students Are Saying . . .


“Lillah is highly knowledgeable and shares her knowledge selflessly with the sincere intention that, we too can benefit, practice with ease, and learn to manage our challenges in an informed and educated way. Lillah’s program is a Blessing!”

~ Mary Gene

“Lillah has an amazingly deep knowledge of yoga, anatomy, and physiology. Her teaching style is kind, precise and individualized. Students of any level can benefit from her classes. I am so grateful for her guidance on my life path!”

~ Deborah

“Lillah is an exceptional teacher. Her dedication to yoga in all its parts is inspirational. I feel fortunate to have her in my life, and my body thanks her.”

~ JoAnne

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“Lillah’s yoga mastery of the human body has been instrumental in the functionality of my now 72-year-old body. Everyone who plans to age with ease needs her work. Highly recommended!”

~ Shela

What You’ll Discover…


  • Customized yoga sequences created by a therapeutic yoga expert, whose specialty is helping adults over 50 stay strong and flexible—body and mind
  • Training in the alignment principles at the foundation of every enduring yoga practice to help you reduce joint stress and avoid injury
  • Eight well-rounded 70-minute yoga practice sets that are proven to address the challenges of aging
  • Five key movement principles to expand the effectiveness of your practice
  • Facts about how fascia (connective tissue) helps inform movement and prevent injury
  • Ways to address the key posture muscles and the ever-so-secret psoas muscle to help you feel taller and improve your posture
  • The seven anatomical stretches necessary to free and balance your hips
  • Progressive instruction and anatomical insights to help you mindfully adjust and personalize your yoga practice
  • A sequence of research-based poses that can improve bone density
  • Heart-felt meditations to help you center and reduce stress
  • Instant access to digital files so you can start practicing today

Everything you’ll receive in the Yoga After 50 Vitality Series:

1. Foundations of Alignment

($30 Value)


  • Build a better yoga foundation.
  • Alignment details most yoga teachers miss.
  • Learn to see both good and bad alignment in yourself.
  • Upgrade your practice and avoid injury.
  • Gain body awareness and knowledge to maintain joint health.
  • Follow along with this mentally challenging class of standing, twisting, and extending poses.
  • Build awareness and gain insight in how to work with movement limitations.

2. Improve Your Posture: Center Your Mind

($30 Value)


  • Good posture improves organ health.
  • Understand the key muscle groups that help you improve your posture.
  • Release the psoas muscle to feel taller in a matter of minutes.
  • Learn how the facial trains (connective tissue) support posture.
  • Find the unseen support of your energy body.
  • Explore the spiritual energy in the central channel.
  • Experience how to efficiently improve your posture to return to your center mentally and physically.

3. Spread Your Wings: Shoulder Class Part 1

($30 Value)

  • Regain mobility in your shoulders and neck.
  • Release tension and unbind those stuck places easily with rhythmic fascial movement.
  • Learn simple and progressive shoulder stretches that support healthy movement.
  • Strengthen weak areas of your upper back.
  • Explore mental centering and heart/brain resonance focused on the benefits of expressing love and appreciation.

4. Free and Balance Your Hips

($30 Value)

  • Restore youthful, relaxed, and flexible hips.
  • Discover 7 anatomical hip stretches that improve mobility and reduce hip pain.
  • Retain your ability to squat and stand without help.
  • Learn to balance your hips, improve your stride, and tone your pelvic floor.
  • Start with mental centering, an invocation, and an earth prayer.

5. Restore Your Center: Balance Poses

($30 Value)

  • Find balance to de-stress your nervous system.
  • Learn body/mind tricks to balance inside and out.
  • Explore how the science of neuro-plasticity supports the importance of returning to center over and over again.
  • Discover how to switch on your para-sympathetic nervous system using position and awareness.
  • Practice a guided meditation on the energy body and the sensations that help us relate to the space we live in.

6. Yoga to Build Bone Density

($30 Value)

  • Experience a yoga practice for strong bones.
  • Enjoy a challenging class to improve spinal health.
  • Learn research-informed practices to help build bone density and lessen the risk of osteoporosis.
  • Receive added hints and cautions for a safe practice.
  • Begin with a centering meditation using ‘Sitali’ breathing to increase vitality.
  • Explore the space between earth and sky, to recognize we are more than physical and to listen to our inner guidance. 

7. Reclaim Your Youthful Spine

($30 Value)

  • Restore suppleness and ease of movement in your spine.
  • Overcome the common stiffness of aging.
  • Learn how to progressively unwind the fascia and small muscles in the spine.
  • Enjoy a challenging class of selected twisting poses to release deep tension.
  • Discover how to approach and practice supported back bends to help boost your immunity.

8. Shoulder and Arm Release: Part 2

($30 Value)

  • Experience the best yoga practice to boost immunity.
  • Learn poses to release tight fascia, build neuromuscular balance, and create tone in the shoulder girdle.
  • Improve the mobility of your hands and wrists, while decreasing pain.
  • Learn to effectively practice supported shoulder stand and plow using chairs to improve overall organ function and immunity.
  • Begin with a centering meditation, bumblebee breath, and the divine light invocation.
  • Discover and connect to the safety of the energy field around our body.
  • Invite the feeling of security to let go of deep tension in your shoulders.
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Plus 5 PDFS to assist your learning: ($125 Value)


  • All practice sequences for quick reference, training tips, and review.
  • The 5 key movement principles and facts about fascia.
  • Foundations of alignment important cues and bone density practice overview.
  • The importance of the pelvic clock for balanced hip release and spinal stability.
  • Seven anatomical hip stretches, called the Hip Sequence, from my book Healing Our Backs with Yoga. (adapted from the Purna Yoga Hip Series by Aadil Palkhivala)

Hello, My name is Lillah Schwartz,

C-IAYT, Adaptive Yoga and Back Care Specialist.


My life’s work has been to learn how to heal myself from physical and emotional pain and then share what I’ve learned with others. I have studied and taught yoga and functional anatomy for more than 30 years, am recognized in the field as an author and leader in yoga for back care, have earned several credentials in such areas as yoga therapeutics and adaptive yoga, and have taught countless teacher-training programs at the 200 hour, 500 hour, and yoga therapy levels, to hundreds of students.


Yoga After 50 Vitality Series will inform and add additional wisdom to your practice whether you have limited yoga experience, years of practice, or have embarked on a yoga teacher-training journey.


Lillah Schwartz

Interested in personal guidance? Check out the Live Online Companion Course here.

38 Yoga Alliance CEUs – Begins January 2025

If you were to pursue a similar level of training, you’d have to spend several thousand dollars over many, many years. Or, if you hired a private Yoga Therapist such as myself you would pay $1500 or more. Purchasing online courses individually to cover all topics you would pay $800 and up. This offer is built on a goldmine of expertise that can form the basis of a sustainable and safe yoga practice you can start today and enjoy for years to come.

 Making the Greater Value: more than $1500

The Fair Market Value: $395

  • 8 digital yoga practice sets – Value $240
  • 5 PDFS, including the practice sequences, training tips, and more—Value $125
  • 6-month guarantee – Value $30 

Actual Price – $199

** But I know how important this information will be to your healing journey, so I hope you will take advantage of this introductory offer and save $100 before the timer runs out! 

 Just a few more steps……

100% Money Back Guarantee

Listen to the stirrings of wisdom in your own self…the authentic part of you that knows you want to deepen your yoga practice now—more than ever—to help you manage the physical and emotional stresses that life presents.


I am so confident this series will help you stay strong, balanced, and flexible – body – mind and spirit, that I am willing to give you a 100% money back guarantee for one year, minus credit card fees.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Buy this amazing Series now before the timer runs out for only $99.

When you buy now you will get instant digital access to the Yoga After 50 Vitality Series in its entirety.

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Here is all you need to do to get started with the series.

Have your credit card ready, or opt to use PayPal, and click on the “Buy Now” button. You will be taken to a secure shopping cart. After you complete the check out process you will receive 2 emails – an Order Confirmation, and “Files Ready for Download”. Download all six PDF’s right away. Open the “Download video instructions” PDF to get link access to your pre-paid video course on vimeo.

Click for a 5 minute step-by-step video of this process.

Lines of communication are always open. Feel free to email me ( Contact form ) or send me a Facebook message with any questions you may have. You can also watch short clips of mine on You Tube.

Note to yoga teachers: This course is registered with Yoga Alliance for 10 CEU hours. YACEP provider.

In the Light and Truth of Yoga,


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