Good Twist to Support Bone Density

When I had my bone density scan at the age of 59 I was shocked to find out I had osteoporosis. Knowing myself to be one who follows the rules, with none of the risk factors, I started thinking, “Where did I go wrong?“  Some of my trouble must have come from how I was practicing yoga. You can read more about what I discovered in this blog post, Reverse Osteoporosis: a Yoga Teachers First Hand Account.  The end result was a change in how I practiced yoga with the correlating increase in my bone density.

To Twist or Not to Twist

Much could be said about twisting poses… which ones for which conditions. You can find a wealth of information about ways to apply twists to create a healthy spine in my book, Healing Our Backs with Yoga. Additionally, there are some twisting poses that can be done safely with osteoporosis, and some that are not recommended. In this short video you will gain a perspective as to why this open twist, MarIchyasana 1, works so well to strengthen your spine.

Discover my Yoga Wisdom After 50 Vitality Series

I hope you enjoyed this Video Preview of my Yoga After 50 Vitality Series. The eight classes in that series form the foundation of my Yoga Wisdom: Vibrant after 50 Live Online Course with more information of similar quality.

Have you slacked off your practice? Feeling the aches and pains of doing so? 

As some of you know, during the pandemic shutdown I crafted and shared via Zoom an 8-week class series that offered my dedicated students a yoga practice designed to promote emotional balance and physical ease. They loved it so much that now I’m offering this to you as a professional video series, in the hope that you too will benefit from the essential yoga elements I have assembled.

If you were not able to join us for the live classes, you don’t have to miss out!  You can have a comprehensive and sustainable yoga program at your fingertips to keep you vibrant after 50 so you can continue to practice yoga with confidence, and start feeling good right away! Read More about the pre-recorded Series Here.

New to my website?

A lovely foundation for the Yoga After 50 Vitality Series mentioned above, or for any yoga practice that aims to reduce back pain and improve function, is my FREE Psoas Release Challenge.  Continue to grow and improve your yoga practice by adding these tools to your tool kit!

5 psoas release challenge

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