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Graphic quote Joan Pope
“Thank you for all you give. Your example and knowledge are very inspiring to me, its real Yoga, not the aerobic class variety that seem to abound. You always challenge me on many levels, not only physically, but right down there on the inside, in the emotional and spiritual places I often don’t want to look at. Not many people are skilled enough to risk that kind of teaching.”


      — Kristine Chalifoux, Lifestyle Student, Wake Forest, NC


“You have been very generous with sharing the knowledge you have more than anyone I know and the guidance you gave me from your heart. With such solid training I enjoy teaching yoga more and more each year.”


        — Lee Gardener, Chapel Hill, NC, R.Y.T.200


“As an educator and clinician of long standing, I wanted others to know how impressed I have been with your classes and workshops during this past year.  I believe you are a wonderful resource to serious students, aspiring teachers and teachers wanting to increase their knowledge and teaching skills.”
        — Carol Ann Mitchell, Retired Nurse and Health Educator, 500 Hr Program




Having lived and studied yoga for over a decade with some well known teacher in the Los Angeles area, let me say that I’ve learned more from Lillah than anyone else! I am so grateful to have done my training with her. The quality of her teaching and expertise can not be denied. She has given us the tools to be great, and the motivation to be even greater!”


      — Estee Chase, 200 hr R.Y.T., VA.







One Woman’s Back Story


I’m a 64-year-old woman who has had problems with pain in my lower back for 10+ years, with it progressing to a debilitating existence.


The doctors had diagnosed it as bulging discs at L-4, L-5, and a nerve problem at S-1, whatever all that means. It had gotten to the point that I had no life, and was looking for someone to give me surgical relief. I had had several appointments with orthopedic and neurological surgeons, including a visit to Duke Spinal, and was just looking for the right surgeon.


By random chance, I met a previous client of Lilah’s at a dinner party. After his description of what he had gone through, and the results that he had achieved, I was anxious to call and set up an appointment, which I did the next morning.


The first day that I met Lilah, I walked into her studio, like a crippled up 94-year-old. I brought with me x-rays and my latest MRI report. After listening to my issues, and observing the pain I was feeling, she told me that she didn’t know if she would be able to help me or not, but that she was willing to try.


Within a couple of months both myself, and my husband could see significant physical changes, as well as a personality shift to normal without constant pain. She taught me how to create space between my spinal discs through yoga poses.


When I first went to her, sitting was painful, and getting up from a chair sometimes required help. She taught me how to relieve my pain and realign my discs by putting myself in traction with straps, something the doctors, and their injections were not able to do.


After working with her for a year, I am now in yoga classes 3 times a week. Some of the poses are still too aggressive for me, but the constant pain is gone, and I now better understand how to handle the temporary pain. I still have aches and pains, but with Lilah’s help, I have learned how to deal with them.


I thank Lillah everyday for giving me my life back, and I have no current plans for surgery in the foreseeable future.


~ June Reeves









Joan’ Story


Joan Craigtree in a Yoga Pose

Joan Craigtree in a Yoga Pose


I chose Lillah Schwartz’s teacher training program from among what I considered the top programs in the country. At the time, I wasn’t able to identify WHY I thought she was a great teacher. Now I understand that Lillah’s teaching style combines essential ingredients:


  • concise, clear action language
  • a broad and deep knowledge of how the body works
  • 30+ years of yoga practice and reflection
  • commitment to being present and speaking the truth.


When I began the program, I had no background in exercise or anatomy, although I quickly discovered I loved that aspect of study. I loved the precision and attention to detail that Lillah inspires and expects from her students. After graduating with my 200 hour Yoga Alliance level, I began teaching full-time at The Cliffs at Glassy in Landrum, SC. Since then I have expanded my experience and knowledge by becoming a group exercise instructor, personal trainer, and wellness coach. I published a guided yoga practice CD and video. Yoga and Lillah have led me to a career in the wellness industry, and a feeling that I am in my right place, doing my right work.


I continue to study with Lillah several times each year, and communicate regularly regarding my work and questions about my students and my personal practice. I know that when I apply what she has taught me, I am successful!


       — Joan H. Craig, E-RYT 500






Ryan’s Story


Ryan Conrad in a Yoga Pose

Ryan Conrad in a Yoga Pose


The teachings of Lillah Schwartz and the Transformation Yoga Teacher Trainings ™  program have been an instrumental part of my growth as a yogic practitioner and teacher. Lillah has been an enormous influence for my practice of asana, pranayama and yogic philosophy. She has also helped develop my abilities to communicate my knowledge of yoga to my students so that it is clear and hopefully profound. Lillah has always been so very generous with her knowledge honed from many years of dedicated practice. I feel very blessed to call Lillah Schwartz my teacher.


Ryan Conrad, Ph.D., RYT.


About Ryan: Ryan has been exploring self-awareness practices and meditation since the age of 15. In 1995 he discovered the yogic path and dove deeply into the study of asana, pranayama, and the yoga philosophy. Ryan has studied with teachers from several yogic lineages, but has focused primarily on the Iyengar method, learning from BKS Iyengar and many of the senior Iyengar instructors in the US and abroad.
In 2002, Ryan completed the 200-hour Yoga Alliance teachers training at Lighten Up Yoga Center in Asheville. In 2010 he completed his Doctorate of Physical Therapy at UNC Chapel Hill in order to expand his knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and how to work with a variety of impairments. When Ryan is not teaching yoga he works in a rehabilitation hospital treating patients with neurological and musculoskeletal conditions.


Ryan Conrad left his body March 2017 due to cancer. His story is however worth remembering.







Yvonne Brown

Yvonne Brown




Yvonne’ Story


Soon after completing my 230 hour teacher training in Charlotte, it became apparent to me that if I were going to make a career out of teaching Yoga, I needed more in-depth training to help me better understand the postures and how best to adapt them to the needs of a variety of students. I knew that studying with someone who was immersed in the Iyengar method would be the perfect fit for my needs so I contacted Lillah. I found Lillah to be as tough as she is nurturing. She has very high standards for her teachers, which I appreciate and respect. Her high standards keep me on my toes to continually fine tune my teaching skills. With her 500-hour teacher training under my belt, I was able to pursue further training in Yoga for Cancer and am now the lead Yoga Therapist at Presbyterian Hospital’s Cancer Rehabilitation & Wellness.


      — Yvonne Brown, E-RYT 500



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“Lillah provided me with the knowledge, tools and confidence I needed to effectively teach yoga. I am not aware of any 200-hour program in NC that prepares graduates to teach as well as does the Transformation Yoga Teacher Trainings ™ program.”
      — Maria Nagem, R.Y.T. Charlotte, NC




“Lillah’s expertise with alignment and anatomy makes each and every session a true learning experience. This expertise coupled with her uncanny ability to spot and correct what is holding you back in any pose are truly amazing.”
      — Marty & Sheila Gooch, Owners of Wake Forest Yoga, NC




Lillah assisting Ryan in a Yoga Pose

Lillah assisting Ryan in a Yoga Pose


“The effect of studying with Lillah is like a gift that extends far beyond the classroom of Transformation Yoga Teacher Trainings ™. She draws the best out of her students leading us to a well grounded personal yoga practice and teaching practice.”
      –– Mona Flynn, Yoga Teacher, Wife and Mother, 200 & 500 Hr Graduate




“Thank you for this weekend. I needed to be inspired… I have so many limitations, and I am fortunate to have you as a yoga teacher who is tops at helping students work with limitations and physical issues.”
      — Susie Mahnke, Music Director , 200 Hr Graduate




“Your 200 Hr course was so well designed… I feel confident I can start my humble beginnings as a yoga teacher with some valuable tools and insights. Thank you.”


    –– Michelle Raferty, Insurance Industry, Bermuda (200 Hr Graduate)


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