Private Yoga Lessons with Lillah

offer world-class guidance, helping you build your body as a living temple of yoga. Inspiring her students to find the relief they seek from physical aches and pains, Lillah will custom-design a yoga program just for you. (IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist)

Lillah’s private therapeutic yoga classes are for anyone who has a particular physical or physiological challenge that needs special attention. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned practitioner, Lillah is here to support you in discovering the best yogic practices to meet your personal goals.

You will find Lillah’s insight to be a vital contribution to the deepening of your yoga and healing journey.

Lillah’s students are taken beyond their own mental limitations of what they and their bodies are capable of. She offers an amazing gift: to teach people to trust themselves and their bodies again.  — Kimberly Drye, Yoga Teacher

Lillah is the best instructor (of anything!) I’ve encountered in 35 years as an educator.  Her patient and thorough instruction, precise demonstration, and gentle but knowledgeable monitoring enable me to practice yoga with the confidence that I will not injure myself.  — Diane Wilson, High School Librarian

Sacral Stabilization Series

Private Lesson Details

Lillah will create a personalized yoga practice for you that will help you achieve positive change. Each private session will be filmed onto Zoom, even when you meet in person, so you can have your own unique yoga class to download and practice with at home. 

Long Distance Zoom? No Problem.  Enjoy this affordable digital option. Set up instructions for proper viewing will be included with your private lesson confirmation.

How it works: You schedule a session thru our shopping cart, and receive the link for your zoom meeting or my local address in your confirmation email. You will have 3 days to download the Zoom recording which is emailed to you the same day. Downloading zoom.us to your computer is free and required.

“Lillah, your directions are helpful and easy to follow. I have been able to watch the video you sent, and see exactly what I need to do to balance myself and make adjustments. Again, thank you.”   ~ Sherry J.

Private With Lillah: Online with Zoom or In-Person

  • 1 session / 70 minutes = $108
  • 3 sessions / 70 minutes each = $294

To book a private with Lillah, simply schedule an appointment online. Clicking “Schedule Private” will take you to Lillah’s schedule where you can find an available opening or search for a specific time or day that you are looking for. You will be prompted to pay for your session after you’ve selected the day and time you want. If you don’t have an account setup already, you will be guided through the necessary steps to setup a new account.

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