Practice at Home – Embody Yoga

Enjoy several practice yoga video series Lillah has designed in response to the needs of her students. Each series applies the principles of alignment and movement to lead you to a more rewarding and effective practice. Try Something New.

Breath release series

Breath Magic

There is so much to care for… Our pets, work, our family, our health, and the planet. It is so easy to overcare and be ineffective for ourselves and those around us.
Yoga recognizes that dilemma and offers us ways to self-regulate. By establishing the connection to our breath …Check out this practice series.

Morning Let and Ab Warm-ups
Yoga for Core Tone

Morning leg and ab warm-ups. Progress safely to tone your deep abdominal muscles while keeping your lower back stable, reducing any risk of re-injury. You can begin with Yoga for Core Tone – Part 1 and the end of the play list or refer to the abdominal progressions offered in my book, Healing Our Backs with Yoga: an essential guide to back pain relief.

Sacral Stabilization Series
Sacral Stabilization Series

 More often than not students show up to my classes or workshops who have an asymmetric pelvis. Many have low back pain as well as sacroilliac or hip joint discomfort. This series will give an understanding of how to work with your hips in yoga to create stability and improved function.

Shoulder Stand Setup
Shoulder Stand Set Ups

The practice of shoulder stand is avoided in many popular yoga classes as it takes some skill to know how to set up and practice without injury or irritation to the neck. In this 4 part practice series you will have guidance on supported shoulder stand, along with the best ways to set up for a rewarding practice.

Yoga for Long Car Rides
Yoga for Long Car Rides

You to can relieve the stress of travel with a few simple yoga poses. These poses can be applied when driving or flying. Incorporate yoga into your daily life, be kind to yourself, and restore your inner balance over and over again… 


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