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• The transformative power of yoga and self-reflection?   • A steady & nourishing yoga pace to match your needs?  • Body-mind wisdom to support your life?

For 40 years I have guided Yoga students to discover the wisdom within their body. I will introduce you to a balanced yoga practice grounded in anatomy, physiology, and body-mind wisdom. You will gain insight and information to relieve tension, aches and pains, and uplift your heart.  And now I am here to guide you so we can share some wonderful live yoga classes via Zoom.us. Enroll in a private yoga therapy lesson, the Yoga Wisdom Monthly Membership, focused online series, and more!

What Students have said…

“Thank you, I really enjoy your class, and I am waking up with less pain! Yay!”

“I love your virtual classes! Your explanations and cuing are excellent.”

“Each class offers so much knowledge and insight…Thursday mornings have quickly become my favorite time of the week.”

“Thank you for another GREAT class. Deceptively challenging. See you next week!”

“What a special gift to be apart of this group! Your directions are helpful and easy to follow.”

Live Classes for the Yoga Wisdom Monthly Membership

Are you interested in building resilience in body, heart, and mind without getting lost in the forest? Take a look at my Yoga Wisdom Monthly Membership.

With this interactive membership, you will learn techniques and practices to help you stay grounded, make friends with your inner wisdom, and nurture the physical and spiritual resiliency we all need to thrive during these challenging times.

My specialty and experience is targeting yoga for individual needs, like posture, bone density, and low back pain, as well as offering pose modifications and development of spiritual body awareness…. I am looking forward to sharing the experience with you to help you feel your best, and benefit form the gift of yoga.

Looking for a sample of my teaching?  Send me the FREE 4-Part video series- 1st Aid for Back Pain Relief now.

Or take a look at my Featured Videos web page.

You can also check my live local classes and regional workshops here.

Zoom Step By Step

Go to zoom.us and create an account. Once you signed up or logged in, click on Join a Meeting, the desktop app will auto-download. If you need more assistance follow the steps in this Zoom install update 3-20

My Zoom In-House Procedure 3-1-21 – Those who register for an individual private lessons or other online classes will receive a confirmation email that includes the meeting ID and Zoom link for that class. If you choose to register for the Yoga Wisdom Monthly Membership, you will receive a confirmation/reminder by email 24 hrs before each live Thursday class with a zoom link.  

Now simply click the link in your confirmation email, select Join a Meeting, or you may be asked to Log in to Zoom. Passwords will be added automatically. Please arrive to class 5 minutes early.  Sometimes we will enter a breakout room for 3 minutes for a more intimate check-in at the start of class so please be on time and enjoy your community! I look forward to seeing your smiling face each Thursday!

Have your props in place beside your mat. You can make a block with paper back books held together with duck tape. A strap could be a bathrobe belt or a man’s tie. A yoga bolster is typically 6″ tall, 22-24″ long, and 12″ wide…Remember the bolster needs to be firm so it is often best made by stacking 2 or 3 folded blankets.  Need additional yoga props? You can find them at YogaLifestyle.com. Receive 10% off with my code LILLAH10. This is a gift to you, I do not receive commissions.

Note: Aim you computer toward your yoga mat so the computer camera can see you and then you can see me. Place your mat Horizontal to the Camera so I can see you. Please do not wear dark /black pants and shirts – and turn on lots of lights so I can see you easily. Then you will get my best guidance. All students will have their microphone muted automatically.  You can briefly unmute your mic by pressing and holding the space bar on your key board. This will allow us to check in at the start and end of the class. You can also click and open the ‘chat’ column and type your questions or comments there.

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Reminder:  You can find Free video playlists on my home practice page and / or at Lillah Schwartz You Tube.

To our health and well being.  In the Light of Yoga,


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