Two DVD Starter Kit

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Yoga Freedom from Back Pain: Longtime Iyengar certified teacher Lillah Schwartz demonstrates a daily yoga practice for a stronger, healthier back. Gently and skillfully leads you through a series of 12 exercises proven to relieve back pain. Explains alignment and how to correct common mistakes, addresses specific back conditions. Plus convenient travel pamphlet.

"Comprehensive and user-friendly..." -- Yoga Journal. "Recommended for chronic back pain." -- Dr. Andrew Weil 90 minutes

Yoga Relief from Neck & Shoulder Pain: From an Iyengar certified teacher, a therapeutic yoga sequence designed to relieve tension in the neck and shoulders, increase strength and improve posture. Clear guidance on alignment, correcting common mistakes and managing pain. Travel pamphlet included.

"...the sequence is effective and accessible to all levels of students." -- Yoga Journal. "Recommended safe for beginners." -- Prevention Magazine 60 minutes

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