The Art of Teaching Manual

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The Art of Teaching Yoga manual was developed as part of Lillah Schwartz’s popular Transformation Yoga Teacher Training program to inform and support those who were seeking a high level of training develop their skills inorder to excell at helping their students.This new 2019 revision contains the wisdom of over 20 years of successful teacher training programs.

The principles of effective and safe yoga teaching are informed by the Iyengar method, and functional movement. They are clearly defined and easy to follow. Sequencing principles, class guidelines, anatomy, physiology, how to effectively progress students, and how to address various conditions are included.

Bonus! 60 yoga pose flash cards included. Each card offers pose direction both graphically and in words to help you excel at cueing the poses you teach. Plus each card is single sided for you to copy and expand with information that is most relevant to you and your teaching style.

Total page count: 155 pages of content, plus 60 Flash Cards.

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