Key Elements & Practice for Back Pain Relief

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Your path to understanding and freedom from back pain. Real time explanations of how to optimally manage back pain with ease.

"As someone who met with back pain at an early age and found my healing path through yoga, I discovered firsthand the benefits of yoga and how to apply the poses for anatomical balance and pain relief".- Lillah Schwartz, Yoga Instructor

One hour lecture, four 30 minute yoga modules.

Module 1: Focuses on balancing our posture, how best to use our breath to reduce back pain, and the importance of alignment to create length and space in the spine.

Module 2: How to improve the range of motion of the hip joints in order to relieve stress and strain in the lower back as well as promote clear understanding of our needs.

Module 3: Features guidance about how to apply traction and use safe twisting poses without strain, to avoid or release the muscle spasms often involved in acute back pain.

Module 4: Offers poses to strengthen and stabilize the muscles along the spine with insight for their best application.

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