10 Yoga Moves to Tame the Psoas & Reduce Back Pain

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A Foundational Set of 10 Poses every Yogi needs to know to maintain core strength and balance.

Get to know your Psoas muscle... Improve flexibility and strength of this all important muscle. Discover poses that are easy to do without relying on traditional abdominal crunches.

Learn how to progress, activate, and tone your psoas to effect balance, posture, ease of movement, and even aid bone density.

  • Build Balanced Core Tone to help you stand tall with ease.
  • Relieve Back Pain and regain your confidence to move.
  • Increase Flexibility and feel young again!

Video 45 Minutes with PDF guide: For All Levels of Yoga Student

Bonus PDF: Plus receive my Low Back Sustaining Sequence: A 13 pose sequence to reduce back pain.

Sharing this chapter from my book Healing Our Backs with Yoga, gives you step-by-step instruction for a reliable sequence to enhance the re-education of your psoas and further reduce back pain.

Blessings on your practice! Feel free to email Lillah with any questions.

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