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“A commendable job. Effective and accessible to all levels of students.” Yoga Journal

“An excellent resource for beginning yoga enthusiasts.” Book List

“Recommended for relief of chronic back pain…” Dr. Andrew Weil, Self Healing Newsletter

“Safe for Beginners”Prevention Magazine

“Thanks again for some great instruction.  I’ve been using the upper back + neck video for a couple of weeks now, and my posture and sense of well-being is markedly better. As a 48 year old computer programmer, this is the information my body has been screaming for, for many years.  I am truly grateful for this tape, and it is wonderfully produced.” – Kirk Evans, Stock Broker

Are These Programs Right For You?

After sitting at a computer desk for hours on end, getting into an accident or doing a task that requires repetitive motion, many people find themselves in excruciating pain. That’s where Lillah Schwartz has found her calling – teaching you how to relieve common pain through the ancient methods of yoga. You don’t have to live in Asheville, NC, to enjoy Lillah’s pain-relief classes.  Now on DVD, you can begin your path to pain-free living in your own living room!  Lillah’s DVDs offer time tested, results oriented, soothing relief from pain and are great for:

  • beginning to advanced yogis
  • active people who want to remain active and pain free
  • inactive people who would like to become more flexible and vibrant
  • people who want to release pain through yoga and embrace healing
  • people who suffer from the aches and pains of repetitive motion
  • professionals who suffer from “computer desk syndrome” (too much extended sitting and letting stress build in the muscles of the lower back, neck, shoulders and “mousing arm”)

Each self-help DVD will give you all the information you need to listen to and heal your body. Lillah’s  instruction is based in her 30 yrs of training in the Iyengar Method, reported by Time magazine as Best for Beginners.  Iyengar yoga is widely recognized for its safety and adaptability for special needs and for utilizing props to carefully and accurately achieve yoga poses.  Lillah thoroughly explains how to use these props, which you can adapt from common household items.

Yoga for the Asymmetric Pelvis DVDYoga for the Asymmetric Pelvis

Yoga for the Asymmetric Pelvis  is a therapeutic journey of yoga poses to open, tone, and stabilize the muscles of the hips and pelvic floor, relieving the pain associated with an uneven gait, pelvic rotations, and leg length discrepancies.

You will find a unique application of yoga poses to counter balance the muscular imbalances of the pelvis as the result of a fall, injury, or a pre-disposition, as in scoliosis. In this 60 minute DVD, Lillah offers reliable comprehensive instruction defining pose alignment and execution to discover our muscular imbalances, and the path toward ongoing pain relief and improved function.

Ideal for continuing yoga students.

Yoga: Freedom from Neck and Shoulder Pain

Yoga for Neck Pain DVD

*Recommended by Prevention Magazine

Yoga: Relief from Neck and Shoulder Pain offers a comprehensive look at gentle yet effective yoga poses to relieve tension, increase strength, and improve posture in the neck and shoulders.

Lillah provides clear guidance for the safe execution of each pose, suggestions for correcting common mistakes, and non-weight bearing alternative poses for therapeutic needs.

“The neck and shoulder routine was the first exercise I could tolerate… the pain and numbness disappeared and I was re-energized.”

-Patricia Connolly, Educator

Price: DVD – $14.95 + S&H – – –  Digital Download $10.95

42 minutes of instruction 22 minutes of guided practice PLUS a convenient travel pamphlet with additional information included with each DVD.

Yoga: Freedom from Back Pain

Yoga for Back Pain DVDLillah Schwartz demonstrates a reliable step-by-step daily routine paving the way to a stronger, healthier back. These time tested yoga poses are safe and effective and are presented progressively, allowing the viewer to gradually increase flexibility and strength.

“I wish I had started sooner. Most of the plumbers I know have bad backs. They are all envious of me now that I have no pain, and I’m even more flexible than the young guys!”

– C.L. Seastrunk, age 65

Price: $14.95 plus shipping and handling. Includes: 90 minutes of instruction 22 minutes of guided practice PLUS a convenient travel pamphlet with additional information included with each DVD. Digital Download $10.95

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