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Discover the missing keys to
help you find lasting back pain relief with yoga.

Do you struggle with recurring back pain in spite of your best efforts?

Does the source of that pain remain a mystery?

As a yoga practitioner over 50, do you worry that yoga may be contributing to your back problems? If you have tried yoga classes with some positive results yet can’t seem to get over the hump to lasting pain relief in your lower back and hips … listen closely.

Practicing yoga without a back care perspective can actually lead to injury. And with so many different approaches to yoga, it can be difficult to know which approach would best help you find relief and sustain your back health.

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Over my 35 years of teaching yoga . . .

Over my 35 years of teaching yoga and specializing in yoga for back pain, I have been able to identify the information that most people are missing when it comes to addressing a balanced yoga practice for back health.

When I started my yoga practice in 1979 I was interested in yoga to help me manage physical and emotional pain. Little did I know that a horseback riding accident that happened when I was 16 would come to the surface. After three years of practicing yoga, I found myself experiencing more back and hip pain than before I started yoga.

I did not know where my mystery pain was coming from, even though my yoga practice seemed to be following alignment principles. What I learned was how yoga can uncover physical imbalances and old injuries that were never properly healed. 

After years of study, I developed an approach that combined physical actions with mind-body wisdom to relieve my back distress, practice yoga with renewed energy and intelligence, and live a vibrant life through my 50s and beyond.

So when life interrupts my practice and discomfort does arise, I know exactly what to do to return to stability and ease, and now you can too!

Lillah Teaches a Student

My goal as a seasoned yoga teacher . . .

My goal as a seasoned yoga teacher is to help my students of all ages experience positive results quickly and easily.

That is why I am excited about sharing this information with you to help you tap into your own inner wisdom, gain new understanding, and start feeling better right away.

I will share with you the missing keys I’ve distilled from years of study and practice that will help you find back pain relief and approach your yoga practice with confidence and intelligence using your body AND your mind. 

The unique course I designed for you is called:

Mind/Body Guide to Yoga Back Care Beyond 50  

So if you ever wonder whether the sensations you feel while stretching are beneficial or harmful, this course will help you learn to identify the difference, progressively build your skills, and discover the yoga moves that are most helpful to you.

Catch a video glimpse of the new information you will discover in this course. Then read on!

What Students Are Saying . . .


“Lillah’s cues are always very specific and helpful. It is really clear how much she cares about her students and for the art of yoga. I am learning so much from her.”

~ Solita

“Lillah is the most incredible yoga teacher I have had the pleasure to study with. She has helped me understand what it Feels like to do it right!” 

~ Catherine

“Lillah’s anatomical and physiological knowledge of the human body is impeccable.  However, her real strength is in the 35 years of teaching experience, which enables her to share practical hands-on knowledge and teaching skills with yoga teachers like myself.  Her devotion, enthusiasm, and compassion to yoga and her students make her class very heart-warming.”  

~ Grace

“When I found Lillah, I knew I had found the way to healing my own intense low back pain. With her compassion for those in pain and with physical limitations, she guides her students with care and accuracy. Her knowledge of the human body and how all the systems work together to create a whole body and mind is a constant amazement to me.” 

~ Tracy

What You’ll Experience…

During these six 35-minute classes you will awaken your mind/body intelligence by making an inward journey from the outer periphery of your being to your core. Each class begins with breath awareness and a specific focus for meditation. In the six classes, the poses are modified and presented progressively with the aid of props so you can stretch and tone the specific postural muscles needed for the relief of back pain.


The information presented includes:

    • A research-informed movement approach to treat chronic low back pain
    • Techniques to build somatic awareness to help you identify and understand the sensations in your body and their messages
    • Energy meditations for mental centering and emotional clearing
    • The foundational principles of alignment to  safely engage in movements that create awareness, stability, and improve joint function
    • Insight into functional anatomy so you can move with ease and confidence
    • Individual progressive sequences providing a well-rounded set of back care tools

All the Skills you will Acquire and Build during this course:

Class 1. Building Awareness: Form and Function

($30 Value)


  • Expand your kinesthetic awareness of the pelvis in relationship to the spine.
  • Explore the sensations of positioning and alignment for back safety.
  • Develop core awareness and simple stretches to extend the spine.
  • Embrace gratitude for your healing potential.

    Class 2. Finding Vertical: Posture and the Psoas

    ($30 Value)


    • Understand ways to identify the sensations of stretching to help you safely navigate your back pain.
    • Discover the psoas muscle with preliminary releases to begin to re-educate your posture.
    • Explore the positioning of the shoulders to help you lift and extend your spine.
    • • Enjoy the emotional ease of standing upright

    Class 3. Pelvic Harmony: Unwinding Sciatica

    ($30 Value)


    • Learn the most reliable pose to stretch the piriformis muscle and which pose to avoid.
    • Explore well-rounded hip stretches to both stabilize and decompress your lumbar spine.
    • Practice self-acceptance and non-judgment.

    Class 4. Restore Your Fluid Spine: Fascia and Movement

    ($30 Value)


    • Understand the importance of connective tissue, or fascia, and how it limits freedom of movement.
    • Use rhythmic patterns of movement, following known lines of fascia, to enjoy renewed mobility and ease in your shoulders, spine, ribs, and hips.
    • Experience ways to safely twist to lessen back pain and improve the health of the spine.
    • Practice letting go and opening to your intuition.

    Class 5. Cultivate a Balanced Core: 360°

    ($30 Value)


    • Learn how to establish a stable core, creating tone on all four sides of your body, including the pelvic floor.
    • Discover which part of your core needs the most attention to create back harmony.
    • Practice being grounded in self-compassion as you progressively build strength.

    Class 6. Making Friends with Gravity: Strength and Balance

    ($30 Value)


    • Progress to a modified version of Sun Salutations that supports back pain relief.
    • Become aware of the invisible sensations of support to improve your balance.
    • Learn how to preserve your back health when getting down and up off the floor.
    • Enjoy deep savasana, connecting to hope and your healing potential.
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    Plus a PDF Booklet

    That covers the physical and energetic concepts you need to know to be successful in each of these practice sessions, including:

    ($30 Value)


      • An overview of the 5 Koshas or Levels of Being to inform your healing journey
      • How to position your pelvic clock face for optimal stability to avoid back pain
      • The importance of the psoas muscle for posture
      • Understanding the Vagus nerve as a guide to releasing pain
      • The ways a tight Piriformis muscle relates to sciatica
      • Important facts about fascia and how it contributes to back pain
      • How spiral movements help you avoid pain
      • Guidance to help you progress intelligently through the classes

      “In a yoga practice, observing and sensing are critical for developing awareness and discernment so you can respond wisely to the needs of your body. The alignment principles are also necessary as they provide a framework for understanding the sensations of the body as part of self-study and to help us gain mental clarity for informed action.”

      ~ Lillah

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      Extra Bonus! 4 Progressive Spinal Traction Videos

      Sometimes we need a little extra help to get out of pain. Spinal traction provides added relief and ease to support your continued practice. Even a small amount of traction can significantly reduce nerve pain and inflamation. Repeat Spinal Traction as needed.

      1. Learn safe traction to relieve acute lower back pain.
      2. Learn how traction can support spinal alignment and ongoing relief.
      3. Enjoy low tech solutions to reduce spinal compression.

      Hello, My name is Lillah Schwartz,

      C-IAYT, Adaptive Yoga and Back Care Specialist.

      Lillah has studied and taught yoga and functional anatomy for over 35 years, is recognized in the field as an author and leader in yoga for back care, has earned several credentials in such areas as yoga therapeutics and adaptive yoga, and has taught countless teacher-training programs at the 200 hour, 500 hour, and yoga therapy levels to hundreds of students. This is one of five unique courses she has developed addressing different aspects of back and spinal health. All five courses are offered through YogaU Online.

      The wisdom of yoga holds the promise of peace, flexibility, and equanimity of body, heart, and mind as we age over time. Explore with Lillah in this course the principles involved in relief of back pain: observation, sensation, alignment, stability, and movement—building your asana practice with techniques that establish mental and emotional clarity.

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      Mind/Body Guide to Yoga Back Care Beyond 50 will help you tap into the wisdom of your body while engaging your mind so you can approach your yoga practice with confidence, whether you have limited yoga experience, years of practice, or have embarked on a yoga teacher-training journey.

      If you were to pursue a similar level of training on your own, you would spend several thousand dollars over many, many years. Or, if you hired a private Yoga Therapist such as myself, you would pay $1500 or more.

      This unique and quintessential yoga back care course is built on a goldmine of expertise that can form the basis of a sustainable and safe yoga practice you can start today and enjoy for years to come.

       Making the Value Greater than $1500

      Fair Market Value: $318

      • 6 digital yoga practice sets – Value $180
      • PDF covering physical and energetic concepts for success – Value $30
      • 4 Bonus Progressive Traction videos – Value $108

      Actual Price – $127

      For a limited time you can enjoy a $30 savings.

      Buy now and get instant digital access to the Mind/Body Guide to Yoga Back Care Beyond 50 in its entirety.

      Just a few more steps……

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      Here is all you need to do to get started . . .

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      The effectiveness of a back care yoga program is a combination of the student’s dedicated and consistent efforts to follow the program accurately AND the research-informed material that underpins the program. I am confident this course will help you heal and maintain a healthy back. Therefore I include a 100% money back guarantee for thirty days, minus credit card fees, with this offer.


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      Lines of communication are always open. Feel free to email me ( Contact form ) or send me a Facebook message with any questions you may have. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel and catch my Free monthly Livestreams. 


      In the Light of Yoga,


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