Live Online Classes Thursdays at 5pm EDT Starting October 6, 2022


In Response to pandemic changes and in the spirit of keeping community alive I am now offering a Yoga Wisdom Monthly Membership program with a curated core video library and live online yoga classes using zoom twice a month. The classes are open to all levels, and a professional recording of the class to watch at a future time will be added to the membership Library. Classes will have specific themes each month to help everyone grow in their yoga and gain the many benefits of the practice. Plus members have an option to make requests for a specific topic for practice! 

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Local Class In-Person Schedule- Begins again January 2023

  • Every Tuesday, 10:00am – 11:30am: Mindful Alignment/Level 1/2 

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Mindful Therapeutics

An unhurried foundational class perfect for beginners & people with re-occurring or present injuries or ailments. Be prepared to learn about alignment, functional movement, and breath. Build awareness, strength, a fluid body and better health. Grounded in the sciences of anatomy and functional movement, this 90-minute class addresses arthritis, heart health, posture, back health, balance, and mind-body awareness. Home practice recommendations offered.

This class runs from 10 am to 11:30 am – TBA for January 2023

Mindful Alignment Levels 1/2

Alignment sustains the health of the joints, offers mental clarity through stability, and helps the energy flow through the Nadis. 

Mindful alignment is when we connect one part to another and the parts to the whole to experience ourselves as an integrated mind-body system. This connection is made using pairs of opposite’s providing the elements of both grounding and expansion. When rhythm and breath are added the body-mind can open with greater ease. Deepen your understanding of yoga with this strength-building alignment practice. Grounded in the sciences of anatomy and functional movement, this 90-minute class helps you build tone, mental focus and fluidity using all categories of yoga poses, some form of inversion, and breath practices.

Expect your effort to be mental as well as physical. The room is kept around 74° so students can connect to the information held within the body’s resistance. How we relate to the resistance of our body-mind is fertile ground for self awareness and transformation. When embracing the yamas and the niyamas in practice, we secure our journey on the path of yoga. Open to all students who have practiced yoga for 6 months or longer.

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Upcoming Workshops

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November 4-6, 2022 Yoga for The Asymmetric pelvis at Yovana Yoga In Calhoon Georgia.


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Lillah offers world-class guidance, helping you build your body as a living temple of yoga. Inspiring her students to find the relief they seek from physical aches and pains, Lillah will custom-design a yoga program just for you. Whether you book in person or online thru Zoom, Lillah will video record your session for your review at another time. (IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist offering Research Informed practices for improved well-being).

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