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Welcome to Lillah’s Yoga U Online course page. As our lives seem to be busier with less time to drive across town to that “Oh So Great” yoga studio, attending class on a regular basis becomes more challenging. Yoga U is one platform that makes the study of yoga more accessible.

Below you will find three video interviews with Lillah on different yoga topics related to her online courses. Now you can practice with your own timing at home for a reasonable price without the cost of travel.

Each 3-hour course begins with a one-hour foundational power point, followed by four- 35 minute practice sequences. Each course retails for $97 with unlimited access to the recordings that you can download to your favorite device or watch online from anywhere. And of course there are always Bonuses!  Subscribe to my Free Resource Library for more perks for both yoga practitioners and yoga teachers.

Restore Your Fluid Spine: Yoga for Back Care and Healthy Aging


One of the keys to healthy aging is a supple spine, one that is strong, flexible, balanced, and receptive.Yet by the time we reach the age of 50 or 60, that desirable suppleness may be diminishing. This course will help you improve the overall function of your body, relieve the stiffness associated with aging, as well as help you reduce and prevent back pain.

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In this extended three plus hour course, Lillah will help you as a student or yoga teacher learn how to retain or re-establish the natural fluidity of the spine so you can enjoy the powerful health benefits of yoga. A 2-part lecture section explores the interconnectedness of the physical, energetic, mental, and wisdom bodies for self-understanding and overall healing to take place, including anatomy and the physiology of stretching, the importance of fascia in the mind body connection, and more. Enjoy four 35-minute guided yoga practice sets to experience new mobility. Read More.


Yoga for a Healthy Spine: Enhance Strength, Improve Posture, and Prevent Osteoporosis


If you love the study of yoga and would enjoy a stimulating and entertaining discussion around spinal care, sitting, and osteoporosis, you will find watching this video interview to be time well spent. Read this blog for more course information


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In this three-hour course, Lillah will help you as a student or yoga teacher to safely introduce spinal extensions, aka, foundational back bends, into your practice. The negative effects of sitting, the dangers of poor posture, and the important points needed to help maintain bone density are discussed and addressed in the four practice pods. This course will help you introduce these poses to your practice with confidence.


Yoga for Back Health:  Addressing Pelvic Asymmetry


This video interview covers how jumping into the practice of advanced poses with out a foundational understanding of each pose has led to a rise in pelvic asymmetries and hip pain in yoga practitioners. Learn about the misperceptions that bring about deeper hip imbalances and what to do about it.

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In the course, Lillah, shares her knowledge, personal experience, alignment-based techniques, and demonstrates an objective approach to relieving SI joint imbalances and pelvic instability. She identifies the causes of asymmetry, related anatomy, 4 different types of SI joint imbalances, and practice tips that support balance and pain relief.

Yoga for Back Health: Key Elements and Practice for Back Pain Relief


Curious to know how Lillah got started on her yoga healing journey? This video covers her close encounter with BKS Iyengar, the controversy around alignment in yoga, and insights into working with back pain in practice.

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In the course, Lillah explains the principles of anatomy and physiology in a practical way related to the back, discusses the causes and forces that contribute to back pain, and explores how to help your students (and you!) heal their backs with alignment-based yoga geared to individual needs. The course is designed for yoga teachers and for back pain sufferers with any level of yoga experience.

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