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A New Frontier for Self-care and Healing

“(Self-care) … is a study in vitality, produced by the thoughtful and careful management of perpetual growth.“ ~ Author Unknown

These are words of wisdom to remind us the stream of life keeps moving, even in the face of a pandemic. And that vitality is tied to perpetual growth. While each one of us are looking for ways to stay healthy and navigate our current environment, you are invited to join me for one or several of the online learning options I have crafted below.

The Blessing of Online Learning

When I opened the first yoga studio in Asheville in 1981, I was a very green teacher. I knew I needed more training and it was hard to come by. There was no money for me to travel back to Miami where I originally studied the Iyengar method, let alone travel to India to study at his institute. To continue my growth I acquired a sizable video library and spent a good portion of the next 10 years studying with the master himself in my living room!

This is what I learned:  

• If I didn’t understand his cues I could make him say it again.
• I could watch each class as many times as I wanted until I gained proficiency.
• Choosing to study in this manner removed distractions and opened the way for my body to teach me.

And there are other benefits;  You get to create your own schedule ~ You get to practice in your PJs or your birthday suit! ~ You get to experiment with the many pose variations I offer in my courses to find which ones work the best for you and your body.

As a seasoned yoga teacher with 40 years of teaching and learning experience, I hope you will put my talents to work for you. Let me help you feel connected to yourself and others through the practice of yoga, and provide a safe avenue for self-nourishment and healing. 

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Live Online Class Schedule

Live classes happen on Zoom every Thursday at 10 am EST. These classes are recorded for later viewing by participants and are open to all levels, yet most suitable for persons over the age of 50, or those who require a slower thoughtful yoga approach. Read more…Live Online and In-person Class Information Here.


Private Yoga Lessons

Lillah offers world-class guidance, helping you build your body as a living temple of yoga. Inspiring her students to find the relief they seek from physical aches and pains, Lillah will custom-design a yoga program just for you. (IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist) More information here.


Yoga After 50 Vitality Series

You can have a comprehensive and sustainable 8 class yoga program at your fingertips to keep you vibrant after 50 so you can continue to practice yoga with confidence, and start feeling good right away!  If you have some yoga experience, and consider yourself to be a vibrant person over 50 or even 60, this unique series will help you maintain and enhance your mobility, strength, bone density, and balance as you age, while bolstering your sense of purpose and connection to yourself and others.

Check out the Yoga After 50 Vitality Series here.


Yoga U Online Courses

Discover Lillah’s body of work with Yoga U Online. There are three signature courses that complement her book, Healing Our Backs with Yoga.  Plus a fourth course that offers an overview of the transforming power of yoga and sequences to address ongoing spinal health. All four courses are hosted on the Yoga U Online platform, include a one or two hour presentation of the foundational principles you need for the practice, followed by four 30-40 minute guided practice routines to assist you on your journey.  Watch interviews of my courses here.

“Thank you for the wonderful course you put together. You are such a thoughtful and high caliber teacher, all those years of training and dedication really stand out. “ ~Eva Norlyk Smith, Director, Yoga U Online

Course Detail Links:

Yoga for Back Care Part 1: Key Elements & Practice for Back Pain Relief  This course explores the causes and the “cures” for back pain using accessible yoga poses and breathing techniques. In the 1-hour lecture portion, I’ll explain—in a practical way— the principles of anatomy and physiology as they relate to the back, and how we can understand and improve our back health to prevent further injury. 

Yoga for Back Care Part 2: Addressing Pelvic Asymmetry   It’s been apparent to me over my decades of teaching and personal experience, that pelvic asymmetry creates great confusion among yoga practitioners. My goal for this course is to provide you with the anatomical information, insight, and practice tips needed to help you make sense of your pelvis and return to a functional pain-free yoga practice.

 Yoga for a Healthy Spine: The #1 Key to Enhance Strength, Improve Posture, and Prevent Osteoporosis. My intent in creating this course is to offer the mostly avoided, yet very necessary, poses that extend and strengthen our spines so we can maintain upright posture and bone health. My goal was to provide students with reliable progressions to create spinal length and strength so that you might practice these more challenging poses with understanding and confidence.

Restore Your Fluid Spine: Yoga for Back Care and Healthy Aging  One of the keys to healthy aging is a supple spine, one that is strong, flexible, balanced, and receptive.Yet by the time we reach the age of 50 or 60, that desirable suppleness may be diminishing. That’s why this course is so valuable! My goal for this course was to provide you with a vision of yoga, but not just poses, the gestalt or whole view of yoga. What do we need to know to practice yoga authentically, safely, and effectively? What do we need to know that will allow us to connect and make friends with our body? What do we need to know to move toward self-acceptance in yoga and in our life? I hope you will take part in this course to expand your knowledge, stimulate new ways of thinking, and find new ways to practice.


Healing Our Backs with YogaTM – Weekend Trainings On Hold Until 2021Resting in yoga for Back Care

A national expert in yoga’s structural benefits, Lillah offers this signature course to people with back, neck or shoulder conditions. Tap into yoga’s healing, strengthening power.  Open to all levels of yoga students and massage therapists who are interested in learning simple yoga moves to heal and maintain the health of their spine. 13 CEU credits, massage provider # 883, YACEP – Yoga Alliance CE provider.  More information here.



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