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1. Some yoga experience? Start Here Free 5 Day Psoas Release Training

If you have some yoga experience, this is a great series for you! Discover the foundations of good posture and back pain relief with this unique series of psoas exercises, while also developing your awareness of your deep center. Plus – receive monthly practice tips and resources to support your enduring yoga practice.

“I’ve had a piriformis “issue” for over 12 months – waking up with a stiff and sometimes painful hip.  After doing your Psoas release every day, my hip discomfort is negligible. Thank you so much . . .” ~Melbourne, Australia

Free 5 Day Psoas Release Training

Discover profound yoga moves to re-pattern core muscles, reduce back and hip pain, & build confidence without strain.

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    2. New to Yoga? Free First-Aid Yoga Remedies for Back Pain

    If you are new to yoga and seeking back pain relief- this is the place to start. Discover a 4-video series of surprisingly effective poses to get you out of back pain in a matter of minutes – no matter what shape you find yourself in. Plus – receive monthly practice tips and resources to support your enduring yoga practice. Use the title link.

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