Confused about how to find the right yoga practice for you?

Perhaps you have spent time on my website looking over the different courses I offer and wondering which one would be best for you.

While all my courses provide  an authentic practice and seasoned approach to yoga, the differences between them may not be clear. This blog is intended to provide you with some inside information about each course and who will be best served by its content.

Discover the yoga solutions in my most popular packages:

1.Yoga After 50 Vitality Series: A comprehensive, sustainable yoga program to reduce joint stress, minimize injury, and help you stay vibrant after 50.   Enjoy progressive instruction and anatomical insights in this series of well-rounded poses to help you age gracefully and keep you strong, balanced, and flexible—body, mind, and spirit.

“Lillah is highly knowledgeable and shares her knowledge selflessly with the sincere intention that, we too can benefit, practice with ease, and learn to manage our challenges in an informed and educated way. Lillah’s program is a Blessing!” ~ Mary Gene

If you consider yourself to be an active adult, still able to kneel on one knee, and have overall good mobility with the
typical stiffness that yoga addresses so well… this 8-class series is for you. The course will help you successfully approach some of the core poses that make a yoga practice unique, including a supported shoulder stand, plough, and a supported back extension.. Explore all the poses you need to keep a satisfying level of flexibility, joint health, and energy flow.
Read the details here.

The Yoga Healthy Back Training

2. The Yoga Healthy Back Training: Accessible power-packed practices to reduce back pain, restore function, and help you sustain back health.

This is a specially curated collection of materials on back pain management that I produced over several years, including an online course, my popular back care book, and companion DVDs. The content reflects my continuous commitment to my students to provide the understanding and effective measures necessary for the management of back pain. 

The Yoga Healthy Back Box Cover

“Lillah, I wanted to let you know that your back care practices have made a big difference in my life. I have had low
back pain off and on over 20 years. Last year my back hurt pretty much all the time. Following your practices was difficult at first, since I did not see any difference for a while. Sticking with the video classes and practicing a couple times a week finally worked for me. After three months, my pain is pretty much gone.”  ~ Rich E.

If you are new to yoga or have been facing some level of back discomfort, or need to fine-tune your understanding of pose alignment and function, this course is for you. You will discover how to start a safe yoga practice and progress systematically through poses to build neuromuscular balance and strength. This is an excellent resource for yoga teachers.  Read the details here.

New Breath Adventure for Improved Health

3. Consciously Exhale: The Power of Breath: Leading-edge practices to reduce anxiety, improve mental and physical health, and build spiritual strength.

Discover research-informed breath practices blended with ancient yoga wisdom to help you experience firsthand the Sign Inhale Exhalepositive influence breath has on the physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of your being. Improve the overall quality of your life — no matter what your age or fitness level. 

“Lillah is a highly informed and gracious teacher. This class helped grow my awareness of how I breathe and provided strategies to experiment with my breath. I’m finding that with practice my stamina is improving, and it takes less time to fall back to sleep when I awaken in the middle of the night.” ~ Jean H.

Breath is that magic ingredient that connects body, mind, and soul. Yet 80% of Americans breathe incorrectly. If you are like me and wake up one day to discover you’re losing your vitality and endurance, or are faced with other health concerns that limit the type of exercises you can do–and you can still walk, this course is for you.  Read the details here.

Ongoing Classes and Practice Library

4. Yoga Wisdom Monthly Membership: An interactive membership offering techniques and practices to help you stay grounded, tap into your own inner wisdom, and support physical and spiritual resiliency throughout time.   The membership offers a curated library with core classes of varying levels and lengths, along with two monthly live classes to help you build physical and spiritual resiliency throughout time. digital icons

“The classes are well-planned and well-executed. Lillah’s words are thoughtful and inspiring. I always feel better physically and am uplifted emotionally/spiritually after yoga class with Lillah. I feel that her teachings help me integrate body/mind/spirit.”  ~ Jean C.

If you are looking for a resource where you have access to over 25 curated classes designed to help you develop and progress in your yoga practice, along with the opportunity to have your questions answered and co-create the topics for future classes, then this membership is an excellent match for you. The Core Library includes exclusive content from some of my other online courses. Read the details here.

Choosing Between Popular Packages and Short Courses 

If you have viewed the homepage of my website, you are aware that there are even more courses to choose from. Most of the short courses are priced under $100. The more extensive popular packages sell for under $100 only on occasion, and they are currently available at their lowest price now through December 30, 2022.

Are you still unsure about where to start? I am here to help. Leave me a comment below and I will respond to your request and questions by email.

May the blessing of yoga be yours now and forever….

Namaste, Lillah

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