Do you practice yoga yet have not solved the mystery of your own back pain?

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Does back pain have you confused about what to do?

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Research shows that 80% of people with back pain get relief from Yoga. Yet, yoga practices without a back care perspective can actually lead to injury. And with so many different approaches to yoga, it’s difficult to know which approach would be best to help you find relief and sustain your back health.

Imagine having all the tools necessary to help you understand what your body needs so you can confidently relieve and manage your back pain whether you are a beginner or a seasoned practitioner beyond the age of 50.

Over my 35 years of teaching yoga, specializing in back pain relief, I have been able to identify the information most people are missing when it comes to addressing a balanced yoga practice for back health.

I know from personal experience that healing and managing back pain is not always easy. Which is why I created a 6-week Live Online Course to share with you the movement and alignment keys you need to know to help you find ease and avoid injury.  The course title is …

Unravel Mystery Back Pain: A Yoga Practice Beyond 50

So if you are one of the 92% of my yoga students who suffer from occasional and sometimes persistent back pain, and are looking for some new answers to old problems, this Live Online Course is for you.

What You’ll Discover …..

~ A research informed and effective approach to treat chronic low back pain

~ Techniques to build somatic awareness to help you identify and understand the sensations in your body and their messages

~ Energy meditations for mental centering and emotional clearing

~ The foundational principles of alignment to safely engage the muscles and fascia in ways that create stability and improve joint function

~ Yoga poses to safely alter and improve structural patterns for better posture

~ Insight into functional anatomy so you can move with ease and confidence

Student Voices …..

“I marvel at Lillah’s incredible depth of understanding of how the body “wants” to function. She has a gift of intuitively teaching coupled with a wealth of knowledge, experiential wisdom and a succinct delivery system of the material.”  ~ R. Ockert

“Thank you for your caring and patient approach to people like me who have back and neck problems. I think we would have a hard time with regular yoga classes where the instructor was not aware of what helps or hurts us.”   ~ R. Elwyn

“I am loving having this online access to you and your teaching skills each week. It’s convenient, top notch, affordable and I can tell my body is benefiting from the practice.” ~ G. Michael

Course Outline;Yoga pose in Garden

Class 1. Building Awareness: Form and Function

Class 2. Finding Vertical: Posture and the Psoas

Class 3. Pelvic Harmony: Unwinding Sciatica

Class 4. Restore Your Fluid Spine: Facia and Movement.

Class 5. Cultivate a Balanced Core: 360°

Class 6. Making Friends with Gravity: Strength and Balance

Live Online Class Starts Wednesday September 22, 2021 – 4:00- 5:30 pm EDT, US

Receive ample personal attention to get your questions answered and support your healing journey. All classes held on Zoom. Details provided for proper set up and views to help you receive the most benefit from this course when you register. Each class includes welcoming remarks and check in, new information with class purpose, asana practice for 40 minutes, Q and A. Total 90 minutes each class.

You will receive…

  • Six unique classes that unravel back pain differently
  • PDF of each class topic with hints, and cautions for your review
  • Weekly zoom recordings, available to download for seven days
  • Detailed guidance and Live Q&A with a yoga expert
  • Ample personal attention to support your healing journey
  • Wholesale offer on a copy of Lillah’s signature book, Healing Our Backs with Yoga.

Register Now.Class Size Limited to 14 Students – Make a positive choice for yourself.

You could study with me privately for three sessions… Or maximize your learning and experience by joining this 6-week wisdom packed series for the same price of $295.

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Read Lillah’s Bio –  And watch this video introduction to the course

Post comments and questions you have about this course to see if its right for you.

Be Well – In the Light of Yoga –  Namaste, Lillah

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