Psoas Leg Bolster

10 insanely simple and proven ways
to tame your psoas muscle for lasting back pain relief
and better posture.

Searching for back pain relief?


Are you fed up searching for back pain relief, having tried dozens and dozens of yoga and back care classes?

Search no more!

I have a secret to share with you that will jumpstart your healing journey.

I will show you simple yet profound yoga moves based on the techniques physical therapists use to re-pattern their clients’ core muscles to build confidence, ease, and stimulate healing in a matter of weeks.

When I was 16, I busted my tailbone in a horseback riding accident

When I was 16, I busted my tailbone in a horseback riding accident, suffered amnesia, and sat on a whoopee cushion for six weeks. Little did I know that 15 years later I would end up with chronic low back and hip pain. I believed that if I could find the right combination of exercises, I could heal. However, every back care program of the time offered me limited results. I needed to know more but didn’t have extra dollars to spend on professional help.

That’s when I turned to yoga. I was able to apply my background in anatomy to the poses and began to get relief. After years of study, I came to realize that the asymmetry of my pelvis with its resulting hip and low back pain was largely due to an imbalance of the psoas muscles. Over time and with further study I was able to create a set of customized yoga poses to build a balanced core, which helped relieve my back distress and keep me pain-free.

Now, 35 years later I am agile, flexible, and strong. When back pain does arrive I know just how the psoas muscle works and what to do to find relief… and you can too!

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My goal as a seasoned yoga teacher . . .


My goal as a seasoned yoga teacher has always been to find the best information to help my students get positive results quickly and easily.

Understanding how to work with your psoas muscles can provide you with the keys to relieve lower back and hip pain, build a balanced core tone to help you stand tall, move with more confidence, regain flexibility, and feel younger and more vibrant. All this with poses that are easy to do without relying on traditional abdominal crunches

The psoas links the upper body and the lower body. One of the strongest and most important muscles in the body—physically, emotionally, and energetically. It forms the anterior pillars of the spine, affects our posture, is associated with stiffness in the hips, and also influences our freedom of movement. Our diaphragm is subtly yet deeply linked to the psoas too, so it impacts how we breathe. In the emotional body, the psoas can affect our ability to relax and feel peaceful.

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The psoas is clearly essential…

The psoas is clearly an essential muscle; when it is out of balance, we can suffer physical and/or emotional discomfort. Which is why after extensive research and my own yoga practice of 35 plus years I created this proven combination of flexibility and toning moves designed to help you tame your psoas and reduce your back without strain or confusion. The unique digital product I am offering you is called:

10 Yoga Moves to Tame the Psoas & Reduce Back Pain

Learn how to progress, activate, and tone your psoas to effect balance, posture, ease of movement, and even aid bone density.
• Build Balanced Core Tone to help you stand tall with ease.
• Relieve Back Pain and regain your confidence to move.
• Increase Flexibility and feel young again!

10 Yoga Moves to Tame Psoas - Bonus

What Students Are Saying . . .


It is incredibly gratifying to know that so many of my students have experienced the life-altering benefits of this accessible approach!


“I’ve had a piriformis ‘issue’ for over 12 months—waking up with a stiff and sometimes painful hip. After doing your psoas release series every day, my hip discomfort is negligible. I love your website and YouTube videos and I have your book. Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge.”

~ Kelly

“I thoroughly enjoyed watching the free psoas video series and I’ve also purchased the full 10 pose psoas series. Now I’ve started to incorporate them into my daily practice again. So thank you, Lillah, for that inspiration.”

~ Radhika

“Lillah’s cues are always very specific and so helpful. It is really clear how much she cares about her students and for the art of yoga. I am learning so much from her.”

~ Kathy

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Here is what you’ll receive in:

10 Yoga Moves to Tame the Psoas & Reduce Back Pain

1. A video with a unique combination of 10 yoga poses that release and tone psoas muscles without any abdominal crunches.

2. A chapter from my book, Healing Our Backs with Yoga, called the “Low Back Sustaining Sequence.”

3. Clear step-by-step instructions suitable for the novice student.
4. Reliable poses to help you create positive change with minimal effort.
5. An additional PDF with practice tips, hints, and cautions.
6. Instant access to digital files so you can start practicing today!
Yoga for Back Pain DVD


A digital copy of my DVD, Freedom from Back Pain, providing you with the most important basic poses to help you find a smooth and accessible path to pain relief and improved function

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Hello, My name is Lillah Schwartz,

C-IAYT, Adaptive Yoga and Back Care Specialist.

My longtime students fondly call me the “Back Whisperer,” and I’m honored to have earned that title.

My purpose in life has been to heal myself from physical pain and the emotional discomfort that often accompanies it, and then share what I’ve learned with others. More than 35 years of diving deep into yoga and functional anatomy have given me the tools and insight to know how to help you heal your back pain.

I want students of all levels of yoga experience and financial capacity to benefit from my applied wisdom. I want you to start your healing journey TODAY… life is too precious to waste time in pain and frustration

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Here’s the deal: Individual items valued at: $155

    • 10 yoga pose video to tame the psoas – ($30 value)
    • Low back sustaining sequence book chapter – ($30 value)
    • PDF with hints and cautions – ($30 value)
    • Instant access on any device – ($30 value)
    • Digital video: Freedom from Back Pain – ($15 value)
    • 30-day money back guarantee – ($20 value)

When you purchase

10 Yoga Moves to Tame the Psoas & Reduce Back Pain

You will pay only


That’s right…it’s an “insane” offer! And you’re worth it.

I am so confident about the information and guidance I am offering you that I am willing to give you a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days, minus credit card fees.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Lines of communication are always open. Feel free to email me ( Contact form ) or join my Facebook group: Yoga Solutions post any questions you may have there. You can also watch short clips of mine on You Tube.

In the Light and Truth of Yoga,


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