Yoga Teacher Tips: Addressing Difficult Students (2/2)

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Yoga Teacher Tips: Addressing Difficult Students (2/2)

Continuing on my two-part series:

To undergo the healing journey, each person will need to embrace the sensations inside their own bodies and the messages that are hidden within. Learning to recognize and inspire positive change is a powerful gift to give through your yoga teaching practice. You can sign up today for my 2016 Transformation Teacher Training.

Step 5 – Guide a challenging student into their body.

Ask them to feel and describe their pain, the location of the pain, the color of the pain, the shape, and the texture. Guide them in simple deep breathing with long inhalations and relaxed exhalations. Invite them to again describe their pain: is it the same shape, color, texture? Most likely the pain will begin to change and transform. There is a  principal at work which states an experience fully experienced transforms or disappears. So even though there may or may not be any content associated with this investigation, change will occur simply by it having taken place. You’re helping the student to become fully present in the moment to realize that the potential for change is always present when we give our attention to it.

Step 6 – Build their confidence.

Give them simple yoga moves that they can and will do (take their experience and pain levels in mind). Create clear boundaries: when you ask them to practice a restorative pose for example, recommend a certain number of minutes. Be certain they feel secure in all their poses, and particularly continue to guide them on how to regulate their breath.

Step 7 – Teach them about the five Koshas in yoga.

Help them to recognize which koshic level is presenting them with the challenge. Is it the physical level? The pranic or energetic level? The level of mind, beliefs and egoic obsessions?  Do they need to strengthen their sense of “I am”? As always, one step at a time.

Yoga Teacher Training

2016 Transformation Yoga Teacher Training class.

Step 8 – Offer them inspiration.

Point the way with your teaching and the quotations you share in classes to the concept of unity and peace. I believe everyone is looking for meaning in life and there is great meaning in mapping the soul, which is discovered while journeying the path of yoga.

Again, use your discretion as to when and how to imply these techniques should the situation arise to do so. Maintain your personal peace and respect the concept of Ahimsa.



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