Yoga for the Asymmetric Pelvis

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Yoga for the Asymmetric Pelvis

You are invited to a special three hour workshop on Yoga for the Asymmetric Pelvis on April 29th, from 1 to 4 pm, at One Center Yoga.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is ideal if you experience hip pain that is often one sided, corresponding low back pain, or a catch in your ‘giddy-up’! Also excellent for hip differences from scoliosis or post-childbirth.

The asymmetric pelvis is my specialty, as I have learned how to manage my own SI joint and hip asymmetries from a tailbone accident years ago and look forward to sharing my insights with all of you!

Also, I have finished production of my third therapeutic yoga DVD in February 2017. Along with my first, Yoga for back pain, and second, Yoga for neck and shoulder pain, now my new release—“Yoga for the Asymmetric Pelvis” will help support your home practice with what you learn in this special class. All three DVD’s complement chapters in my recent book, Healing Our Backs with Yoga: An Essential Guide to Back Pain Relief which was released last August.

What to expect

Come investigate the pelvic floor, sacroiliac joints, and buttock muscles in relation to leg length discrepancies and other asymmetries of the pelvis that can lead to back pain.

Through practice, we will:

• identify muscular imbalances

• learn how to support the sacro-illiac joints

• gain specific understanding of the best home-base poses to release, stabilize, and balance your hips and pelvis.

Good News! After 35 years of service teaching students and yoga teachers, I am proud to announce I am the first registered and Certified IAYT Yoga Therapist (International Association of Yoga Therapy) in Asheville.

Best resource for Yoga Teachers

If you are a yoga teacher than you know the importance of being able to respond to the needs of your students. When you see back, hip, or knee pain you will want to investigate the balance or imbalance of the hips. I guarantee this workshop will shed light on your understanding and give you new tools to help your students.


Yoga for the Asymmetric Pelvis will be held on April 29th from 1pm to 4pm at One Center Yoga, 120 Coxe Ave, Asheville. The cost is $50 if you pre-register and $55 day of the workshop.

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