Yoga for Long Car Rides – Part 1

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Yoga for Long Car Rides – Part 1

Relieve the holiday stress of travel with simple yoga stretches

With the holiday season rapidly approaching many of us will be tasked with stressful travel visiting family and friends. Whether it be a long car ride, or sitting on an airplane for an extended period of time, our bodies take the hit. Being able to navigate the holiday season successfully requires us attending to our bodies in a variety of ways. These 7 basic yoga stretches contained in a 4-part series will enable you to arrive at your destination with less tension, a clearer head and a happier body. 

In part one of our Yoga Poses for Long Car Rides series we reach for relief in the shoulders, arms, upper back, side-body, and chest using the breath. The first two poses, (Urdhva Hastansana) or Raised Hands Pose, and (Urdhva Baddhanguliyasana) Upward Bound Fingers Pose, are postures that most of us do instinctively after long periods of sitting or standing. Being mindful of our position with the breath, allows us to deepen into the movement by focusing on the designated area we want to stretch.

Two yoga poses for the arms and chest

(Urdhva Hastansana) or Raised Hands Pose:

• Standing outside your car, feet shoulder width apart, arms down at your sides, palms facing inward toward the body, with an inhale raise your arms overhead reaching toward the sky and lifting your spine upward. Relax the neck and shoulders. As you exhale bring your arms down to your sides and release the stretch. Rest for a few seconds and repeat the stretch two more times.

(Urdhva Baddhanguliyasana) Upward Bound Fingers Pose:

• Begin in the same stance, reach your arms out in front of you, palms facing one another. Interlace your fingers and turn the palms outward away from the body. Exhale draw your shoulders down away from your ears, then inhale reach your arms out and up overhead. Reach upward with the inhale, lifting the chest, on the exhale tilt sideway to the right, inhale then come back to center. Repeat the stretch on the left side. Rest for a moment and repeat the stretch two more times on both sides.


In this pose its important to root your heals into the ground in order to decompress the spine and reach straight upward through to the crown of the head before bending sideways. Keep your hips and chest facing forward, not to collapse the chest forward or roll backwards as you bend to the side.


If you have shoulder concerns, when you reach your arms overhead, clasp your elbows, inhale reach the left elbow up to fully extend from that hip to the shoulder before and as you bend.

Watch Lillah slowly and gently guide you through each pose with breath, gentle movement and intention.


See the full series now on my You Tube Channel click here.

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