Why Yoga?

For beginners, yoga students and teachers

Learning yoga in Asheville, NC with Lillah offers tools and wisdom grounded in 30yrs of study with B.K.S. Iyengar and his lineage. She then took her skills and knowledge and created her own synthesis of yoga practice, focused on alignment and personal transformation. “My deep, foundational approach to yoga has helped hundreds of people achieve more balance in their lives. I train you in the best ways to care for your body and its unique strengths and weaknesses, often bringing lasting freedom from pain.”

Lillah pioneered yoga in Asheville, founding Lighten Up Yoga Center, 1981-2013. She now teachers at The Embodiment Center. Visit her class and events calendar.


Why take Yoga with Lillah?

My teachings are designed to transform physical pain, unlock personal potential, and offer centeredness, strength and support to weather the many challenges of modern life. Drawing from alignment and movement principles along with the ancient practices of yoga you can transform your life and bring harmony to body, mind, and soul. If you’re a yoga teacher called to expand your teaching options, my specialty teacher training, Healing Our Backs with YogaTM, ushers you with grace and wisdom into your new life path.

Looking to offer Healing our backs with YogaTM weekends at your studio? Interested in other ways to study? My menu of offerings has just the workshop for you.

Check out my class/workshop calendar.

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Visit my blog filled with how-to instruction, free on-line yoga challenges, and yoga wisdom for teachers and students.

Watch yoga video lessons on Lillah’s YouTube channel.



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