Triangle Pose Challenges the Sacrum – Part 3

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Triangle Pose Challenges the Sacrum – Part 3

The Importance of Pose Alignment

Triangle pose or Trikonasana challenges students with Sacro-illiac joint problems in a big way, as it is difficult to get enough rotation and depth on the front leg to allow the sacrum to tip sufficiently to avoid strain. One also needs to have a certain degree of tone in the lower abdomen to support the sacrum from the front of the pelvis.

Remember the principles of yoga. If you find this pose creates negative pain either when in the pose or just after performing the pose, then it is best to leave it alone until you are able to build more tone in the surrounding muscles to keep your joints safe. Ahimsa!

In order to create positive action, in this video I am recommending lifting the front of the foot on a block to encourage the top thigh to drop, which will open space in the hip joint. Stay out of pain by focusing on the details. See if you can make this pose work for you. If you have difficulty, try the same details in Sideways Warrior II, Virabhadrasana II, to learn to turn your bent knee out and coil your hip in while you lift your belly.

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Practice over the weekend!

Watch for more in this series coming soon!

Namaste, Lillah

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