Three Things You Missed: Friday’s Book Release Event

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Three Things You Missed: Friday’s Book Release Event

Co-Creating Healthy Backs

Friday, friends, family, those affected by back pain and those who love yoga gathered to help me celebrate the release of my book Healing Our Backs with Yoga: An Essential Guide to Back Pain Relief. The event, held at One Center Yoga – my home studio, included food, time to socialize, sign copies of my book for all the wonderful supporters and students who attended and a fantastic, full yoga class.

What you might suspect, the practice and study of yoga was instrumental in my own journey to heal and manage back pain. My PowerPoint offered a quick view of the many aspects of back injuries and principles one needs to know to apply yoga in the best possible way toward back pain relief. I talked to people about the process of writing the book and of course, the magic of yoga.

The Book

Healing our backs with yoga Book Cover

The front cover of Healing Our Backs with Yoga

The whole reason for this celebration is the book, Healing Our Backs with Yoga: An Essential Guide to Back Pain Relief. It has taken me years to get to this point. I started working this process seven years ago with an outline. Now the book is here and it can help people take charge of their own back health. 

Yoga Class

After doing a PowerPoint presentation about the basics, I held a back care yoga class to a full studio. Approximately 40 people stayed for the class. The favorite image was that of thinking of our bodies like a new puppy in training … breathe, be kind, and repeat the instruction over and over! Self-kindness and patience to very important properties on the healing journey.

Everyone was invited to use the book to take charge of their back health, as well as given the opportunity continue their practice with my Back Care Basics 6 week series, which starts September 21st. Please enroll soon to reserve your space at OneCenterYoga.

Private Instruction

Those who would like assistance in using the book to clarify their practice at home, contact Lillah for an individual session or group of sessions. Private consultations include a DVD of your session for home review.

Child’s Pose Balasana

Child’s Pose Balasana
Resting both brain and body in child’s pose at One Center Yoga.

Next Book and Back Class

Did you miss the PowerPoint and Back Class? We are doing it again Wednesday, October 19 from 7:30 – 9:00 pm. Again the class is only $25 and includes a complimentary signed copy of my new book of the same title. Tell your friends! You can register now for the class.

May the blessings of yoga grace your life.



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