The Art of Sequencing Mentorship Program

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The Art of Sequencing Mentorship Program

For Yoga Teachers Only

Tired of teaching the same poses over and over?

Looking to create sequences with a purpose?

Ready to elevate your students?

You may be my perfect student! Imagine…

…Taking the effort out of teaching by drawing inspiration and guidance from 20 training videos, each offering a variety of sequences for you to explore.

… Receiving expert guidance from a world class experienced instructor in the comfort of your home.

… Setting your own schedule.


Join Lillah for a 10 month on-line Art of Sequencing course.

  • Study the in’s and out’s of sequence development.
  • Gain a clear understanding of the underlying principles that form every successful sequence.
  • Co-create excellence by connecting with your peers and expanding your yoga community.
  • Learn to develop and refine sequences to reach peek poses and support students with common physiological challenges such as adrenal fatigue, menopause, osteoperosis, high blood pressure, lowered immune function and digestive distress.
  • Receive ongoing support and participate in bi-monthly Live Q and A sessions
  • Become confident in your teaching skills and serve your students well. Surprise them with new sequences that challenge their growth in a supportive way. Reap the benefits of their loyalty to you and your studio.

Before Lillah, my sequences were hodge-podge best guesses for how a yoga class is put together. I never quite knew if I was giving students a well-rounded practice. With Lillah’s help, I learned the elements of a sequence that leave students balanced and safe. Now, I often receive compliments about how thoughtful and intentional my class sequences are.

~~ E. Hodges, 500 Hr Certified Yoga Teacher.

About Lillah


I have been training yoga teachers for over 20 years, blazed a trail for yoga therapy, produced three DVD’s, and written the book, Healing Our Backs with Yoga, available on Amazon, and a bookstore near you. FREE book with your registration for this course!

I am here to guide you through the challenges you face as a teacher, answer your questions, and help you digest and implement sequences of your own design.

Questions about functional anatomy, restorative yoga, physiology, alignment, and applications of pranayama will be addressed.

Course begins September 1, 2018

To ensure an optimal experience for everyone, no more than 12 dedicated yoga teachers will be accepted into this program. Course details here.

The course is affordably priced at $1200 with a $275 deposit. Save $200 when you pay in full. (Most Teacher Trainings at this level cost over $4000)

I hold your potential in the highest regard and expect your best effort as my student. I want you to dive deep and use your time on your mat to tune in and discover the natural forces inside that are revealed by the practice of yoga and essential for your success as a teacher. Let my background in anatomy and physiology, my skills, and experience help you evolve on your yoga teaching journey.

Are we a match? Let’s find out.

I would love to get to know you and your needs. Please fill out the Art of sequence Reg Form. Then I will contact you to schedule a Face Time call.

Three Bonuses!

  1. Receive a copy of my book Healing Our Backs with Yoga: an essential guide to back pain relief. The 185 pages are an excellent companion for this course to support you in your teaching and personal practice.
  2. Receive an exclusive and comprehensive outline of the concepts and principles that can make or break a good sequence. You will not find these concepts in any other single location. They will help you think dynamically and passionately about what you are creating for your students.
  3. Personalize your program! Receive a Free private lesson with me in person or online during the course.

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