Teacher Training Satisfaction

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Teacher Training Satisfaction

At the end of every single one of these weekends I feel so happy that I joined this training. Already I have a much deeper understanding of the asanas and have learned a much better way of sequencing in order to create more of feeling of satisfaction for the students at the end of class. It’s showing up in my teaching, students have been coming up to me after class to tell me that they are really enjoying the sequences. I’m so excited to continue this journey of learning and improving!

This weekend was great! The private yoga session left me feeling supported and was very encouraging. The active yoga class was awesome; it was great to do an entire practice without stopping in between poses to peer teach. I don’t have much of an opportunity at home to attend classes because there are no teachers nearby that I feel are the right fit for me to study under, so I really loved that we got to do a class as students.

The Enneagram personality test was pretty cool. I have never taken one of these tests before but I had a pretty good awareness about my personality characteristics already (the good and the not so good) and have been working really hard to better myself in many ways over the past couple of years. It was so interesting to see it on paper; it was eye opening because it had never occurred to me that there were 9 distinct personality types and that some clash with others. I can definitely see how beneficial this will be to have an awareness of my students’ personality types, as well as considering how my actions and comments may affect those of other personality types. I can see how my awareness of this will be beneficial to my interaction with students.

The “pairs of opposites” concept never ceases to amaze me. My teaching has improved SO MUCH already, it’s so exciting. The active class portion of the weekend when we were just practicing as students and didn’t stop to peer teach was wonderful because not only did I get to hear new pairs of opposites, I got to FEEL them first before jumping into the peer teaching. Even if it was a pose that I have been doing for 8 years, hearing two actions paired together in a new way for me enhances the way it feels and brings a whole new light to the asana. It’s incredible and inspiring.

Also, the concept of the “3-legged stool” makes so much sense to me. Not just theoretically but physically I can feel the difference it makes. I love it!

Brittany Speakman  Reflection   4-17-15

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