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Yoga for the Asymmetric Pelvis

Posted by on Mar 8, 2017 in Back Pain Relief, Teaching Tips, Yoga Practice Tips | 0 comments

Yoga for the Asymmetric Pelvis

You are invited to a special three hour workshop on Yoga for the Asymmetric Pelvis on April 29th, from 1 to 4 pm, at One Center Yoga. Who is this workshop for? This workshop is ideal if you experience hip pain that is often one sided, corresponding low back pain, or a catch in your ‘giddy-up’! Also excellent for hip differences from scoliosis or post-childbirth. The asymmetric pelvis is my specialty, as I have learned how to manage my own SI joint and hip asymmetries from a tailbone accident years ago and look forward to sharing my insights with all of you! Also, I have finished production...

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