Stabilize your Sacrum with Yoga: Part 2

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Stabilize your Sacrum with Yoga: Part 2

Downward Facing Dog Helps Stabilize

Welcome to Part 2 of Stabilizing your Sacrum with Yoga. A well done Adho Mukha Svanasana, or Downward Facing Dog Pose, will help you stabilize your sacroiliac joints and align your knees. Often in yoga classes students are asked to lift their hips high and bring their heels and chest down toward the floor. Aggressive action in this way without aligning the bones leaves the ankles, knees, and hips sloppy and disconnected so structural support is lost. By following the ques in this video with the aid of the wall and a block, you will be able to create alignment between the ankle, knee and hip joints, yielding greater extension in your spine.

You can find the full information on using yoga therapeutically, with alignment, in my book, Healing Our Backs with YogaTM: an essential guide to back pain relief. There is a whole section devoted to the asymmetric pelvis!

Visit and watch the first video in this 7 Part series.


Our goal is to create stability and ease in every yoga pose. Try Dog Pose this way and see if you get more length in your spine. I welcome your comments. You are invited to  join my e-news for all my monthly updates.

Namaste, Lillah




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