Stabilize Your Sacrum with Up Dog – Part 6

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Stabilize Your Sacrum with Up Dog – Part 6

Does your Butt have this one?

Classically core strength is delegated to the transverse abdominus muscle. However when it comes to stability for the sacroilliac joints the muscles of the buttocks along with the deep intrinsic muscles of the hip joint also need to be toned.

Everyone would love to have a good looking yoga butt, and rightfully so! Not only do toned muscles contribute to the shape of the buttocks, they also give posterior stability so a person can stand from a squat without using their hands. Can you?

Upward Facing Dog Pose – Urdhva Mukha Savasana

In Part 5 of my Sacral Stabilization Series we focused on toning the lower abdomen with leg lifts. Here in Part 6 we address the back body for balanced tone. You may find yourself with very soft buttock muscles as Joanne did in this video. Finding the best way for you to practice each pose in order to reach your goal of stability and balanced tone is important. Classic Upward Dog with the hands on the floor may not help you. In this video I will share two other variations that may help you access the appropriate buttock muscles to develop strength and stability.

Finish with a neutral spine yoga pose.

When working to tone the muscles of the back body, spine, buttock, legs, return your spine to neutral release excess muscular tension from the work. Here we end in Half Down Dog creating balance on both the inner and outer leg.

Great way to make your SI joints happy!  Thanks for watching… check my blog for more episodes.

Next week view Part 7 – the final chapter of the Sacral Stabilization Series.

Namaste, Lillah

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