Stabilize the Sacrum Part 7: Locust Pose

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Stabilize the Sacrum Part 7: Locust Pose

The Importance of Pelvic Tone

Just recently there was an NPR special on the detriments of sitting for long hours. The report covered how people who sat for more than 6 hrs a day, including work and home life, lost their capacity to walk. That is really BIG. My personal experience can testify to this possibility. Now that I spend much more time at my desk as a way of reaching out to my students from all over the East Coast, I ran into my own difficulty when walking due to a lack of muscle tone. So I have established a more balanced practice of walking and yoga. About Lillah.

Why did I create this series for Sacral Instability?

I have had an asymmetric pelvis and SI Joint dysfunction since my late teens. That means I have had plenty of practice in how to create balance and live pain free with the help of yoga. I practice much of this Sacral Stabilization Series regularly along with other poses that address sacral dysfunction and back pain that can be found in my book – Healing Our Backs with Yoga: an essential guide to back pain relief.  On those days that I can not walk for weather or other reasons, I like to do this last pose in the series to maintain muscle tone.

The base of our sacrum is stabilized by muscles.

Salabhasana, Locust pose using the legs only, can be done with or without a belt. This is one more way to find and tone both the superficial and deeper gluteal muscles. And one more way to not lose your pelvic tone and ability to walk!

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Find out more sequences to receive sacroiliac dysfunction in my book – Healing Our Backs with Yoga: an essential guide to back pain relief.

Be well. In the Light of Yoga. Namaste, Lillah

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