Stabilize the Sacrum for a Safer Yoga Practice: 1

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Stabilize the Sacrum for a Safer Yoga Practice: 1

Instability is Epidemic

As time passes more and more of my students show up to my classes or workshops who have an asymmetric pelvis. Many have low back pain as well as sacroilliac or hip joint discomfort. The pain ranges from mild to severe.  My new dvd release, Yoga for the Asymmetric Pelvis, addresses several different angles for relieving these types of pain.  I have selected a series of seven short videos to share with you focused on poses to stabilize your sacrum with the aid of Joanne Tugwell, a former student of mine and the owner of Wake Forest Yoga in NC.

Students of yoga often suffer from “Pelvic Rim Instability” due to over stretching or performing poses without alignment.  These students are mostly female. This seven pose series helps you identify how you can practice yoga to create stability and muscle memory to become more grounded and pain free in your pelvis. You can find the full information on using yoga therapeutically with alignment in my book, Healing Our Backs with YogaTM: an essential guide to back pain relief. There is a whole section devoted to the asymmetric pelvis!

Begin with Tadasana

In this first video we examine Tadasana and Uttanasana, and what it tells us about our pelvis.

Please feel free to comment on this topic and share your experience.

Namaste, Lillah




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