Special Offers: Privates and Group Privates

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Special Offers: Privates and Group Privates

Client Appreciation Season

I love teaching, and I love helping my students apply the teachings of yoga to their particular conditions and needs. Once a year I turn the tables and reduce my fees so that more of my students can have access to the wealth of knowledge of the body and yoga that I hold inside waiting to be given away.

For 35 years I have been gathering knowledge and practicing yoga. Not only the physical asana practice, but also the meditation, self-awareness, and nutritional aspects. Read more about Lillah.

Private Lessons in Person or via Zoom.us

In striving to always give my students the very best, I was introduced to the zoom online meeting technology as a way to continue to affectively mentor my teacher trainees long distance. The good news is, “it works!” So whether you live locally in Asheville and can come into my home studio of One Center Yoga, or you live a distance away, you an still make an appointment. With Zoom I will schedule the appointment, email you a link, record your session and later drop box the recording to you for viewing on your computer at home! It is really very elegant and simple.

1st Offer: 3 Private Lessons: Save $49

Choose A Gift of a single private lesson for the standard price of $108, or get a jump on your new years resolutions by purchasing a set of 3 private lessons now for only $275. You will enjoy having all your questions and concerns answered, receiving guidance from Lillah to make the most of your home practice. Offer expires December 31, 2016.

2nd Offer: Group Private Lessons $40 per Person

Now you can join 2 other class mates or friends for a triage-private. It is a fun way to learn from other students and the questions they ask as well as gain clarity in your areas of concern. These sessions will not be video taped, however there will be plenty of opportunity for me to make notes for you.  This offer has only two time slots available, Mondays at 1:30 pm and Fridays at 12:30 pm, there is no expiration date. You may sign up online or contact my assistant Nicki to find students to share your group lesson.

Note: Group private and semi-privates will continue into 2017. $40 each for 3 students or $54 each for 2 students.

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