Sacral Stability and Yoga.

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Sacral Stability and Yoga.

It is becoming more common that students of Yoga suffer from “Pelvic Ring Instability” due to over stretching, to much flow yoga without building muscular integration by holding poses, and/or performing poses without alignment. This instability often results in hip, sacral, back and knee pain.

During my October 2014 teacher training weekend students in my 500 hr yoga therapy program studied how to use yoga to address loss of stability in the sacroilliac joints and pelvic ring. At the end of the weekend one student who did not suffer from SI imbalance reported that her knees had been bothering her but now after all the toning we did of the pelvic floor and pelvic ring her knees felt great. This confirms what I always knew to be true from my extended studies in the Iyengar method; The knees are a reflection of the hips. The other students with sacral instability reported feeling strong and pleased with the pain relief they were experienceing.


I have created a seven part You Tube series Stabilize the Sacrum with Yoga Series, to assit my students in understanding the subtleties of some poses that could help them create stability in their hips. Of course more poses could be added, however the sacral series is a good start.

After viewing Part 1, I received an interesting email from a student in Singapore – Oh the wonders of the Internet! The discussion should prove interesting to both yoga teachers and students alike.


“I am a yoga teacher in Singapore, having completed my YTT in the States a few years ago. I really enjoy your sacral stabilization videos and have benefitted greatly since incorporating them into my personal practice.

I have two questions: I was taught that there is a slight internal rotation of the femur bones in the hip sockets while standing in tadasana. This, I was taught, helps create more space in the sacrum and gently sets the bones in place in the joint. But in your first video of the series when explaining tadasana, you cue wrapping the skin of the thighs outward. Can you help me understand this better so that I am teaching it properly?”

You are correct in your understanding of tadasana however, if there is an inside of the leg there is also an outside, both actions need to synchronize. I teach the inner leg first and then the cues for the outer leg without disturbing the inner leg. When we wrap the flesh of the outer shin and thigh back, we hug from the outer leg, which is necessary to keep the sacrum stable and the thigh bones firm in their sockets.

Good Practice to you!

This is the first of a seven pose series identifying how to practice yoga to create stability and muscle memory grounding us in our pelvis. watch for Part 2.

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