Relaxation for Neck and Shoulder Pain, the Yoga Way – Yoga DVD

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Relaxation for Neck and Shoulder Pain, the Yoga Way – Yoga DVD



Here is an excerpt clip from the DVD, Relief from Neck and Shoulder Pain. It is always good to do a relaxation pose after your yoga practice. This version of of corpse pose is designed to help the shoulders and neck. All you need is a blanket and the floor.



“The neck and shoulder routine was the first exercise I could tolerate… the pain and numbness disappeared and I was re-energized.” – Patricia Connolly, Educator


Relief from Neck and Shoulder Pain DVDYoga: Relief from Neck and Shoulder Pain offers a comprehensive look at gentle yet effective yoga poses to relieve tension, increase strength, and improve posture in the neck and shoulders.

Lillah provides clear guidance for the safe execution of each pose, suggestions for correcting common mistakes, and non-weight bearing alternative poses for therapeutic needs.


Price: $19.95 plus $3.95 S/H.

Includes: 42 minutes of instruction 22 minutes of guided practice PLUS a convenient travel pamphlet with additional information included with each DVD.

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