Pranayama, Breath, and Sound Event

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Pranayama, Breath, and Sound Event

August 12th Sound and Breath Event

While Asheville is still in the heat of summer, autumn is just around the corner. Attend the Friday evening 5:30-7 pm event at One Center Yoga to set your autumnal intentions. Lillah and Sally Hayes will help lead you, through sound and breathing, and meditation to setting your autumnal intentions.

Having studied healing arts for the last two decades, Sally Hayes brings a multi-dimensional approach to sound and healing. She is the creator of Women in Self Healing and brings multi-cultural experiences to her Tibetan sound bowls healing and to her yoga practice.

Lillah Schwartz brings her years of yoga practice and yoga teacher training to the event, offering guidance in the practice of pranayama from a range of yogic traditions. This month Lillah will guide participants in simple cooling back bend poses and share the classic Ayurvedic breath practices for the stimulation and health of the glandular system. Pranayama will be followed by chanting and a short meditation.

Come Relax and Renew! $16 or students at One Center may use their class pass.



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