Personal Evolution and Positive Change thru Yoga

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Personal Evolution and Positive Change thru Yoga

I continue to grow in my yoga practice and teaching, examining my own evolution and the potential for all of the students who may find me on their yoga path. For the past seven years there has been Sri Aurobindo Integral Yoga retreat held at Furman University in SC. The four Indian families who sponsored the retreat invite exceptional teachers from the ashram in Pondicherry India to present. I have attended the retreat several times being introduced first to the lineage by Aadil Palhivala, one of my honored yoga teachers.

During the course of this year’s time, we touched on many aspects of the movement of consciousness in the human drama. We examined the challenges of evolution from the most basic of how an individual might evolve, to the greater call of evolution for the whole of humanity. This examination was guided by the writings and teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

Sometimes we see the individual evolution as a resistance to change. It seems the supreme reality is moving us always forward toward a more complete self. Yet we tend to be attached to the way things are, our nicely feathered nest, our relationships and our good health, not wanting to let go.

I, for one, have had a lifetime of challenges with change. Challenges of belonging, of right relationship, of self-esteem, etc. Sometimes change can come easily. How so? When we can do yoga. Meaning when we can become quiet enough to hear our inner voice. To trust that what I see with my senses is not all there is. That the journey of anyone’s life is much larger and expanded that I could possibly imagine. And the knowledge that my needs are being filled as I am always connected within Divine Grace.

For the individual there are three steps in the process of evolution. One, the knowing of our desires as aspirations for a higher consciousness. A desire that is not just about “getting things”, rather a desire that identifies the deeper spiritual qualities that move and nourish our hearts. Two, the conscious act of rejecting contrary movements that are in conflict with those aspirations. These are found to be both mental and physical.  Three, the surrender of that which aspires. Perhaps the most challenging from our personal vantage point is to let go into stillness knowing that beyond our sense perception the Divine is guiding and molding us into our future self.

This process of personal evolution is also the process of human evolution. The receiving and manifesting of the Divine Impulses, the qualities of Truth, Justice, harmony, Love, Acceptance, Strength and Unity in Diversity are necessary to move forward. In yoga cosmology there are enormous, unfathomable stretches of time called Ugas. It is said that we are now living in the transition time between the Kali Yuga and the Satya Yuga. We can see this clearly as we view the many conflicts of right and wrong; sexual identity, organic vs GMO, white vs brown, clean energy vs dirty energy, medicine vs healing.

Our invitation then is to quiet the mind, surrender our sense of knowing, connect with our aspiration, simply do our best and establish a feeling of “Smiling Trust”. When we conceive of ourselves to be full of the vastness of creation, we can accept that the Divine knows better than we what is needs to be done and participate in the evolution of humanity one step at a time.

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