One Simple Pose to Relieve Back Pain

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One Simple Pose to Relieve Back Pain

What to do when your low back hurts

Sometimes we have back pain, sometimes our spine just aches. The first question I always ask, What have I been doing that might have contributed or created my current discomfort?  I ask that question not from an intent to lay blame, but rather from knowing that this body of mine is like clay. It always responds to what ever activity I have participated in most consistently.

What have you done most consistently for the past three days or more? Long car ride? Many hours at the desk with no break? Landscaping? Something else?

Your Body’s call for attention

No matter what the activity, slumping, bending, lifting, twisting and… At some point your back will get mad at you and tell you so by hurting. Hurting is also your body’s call for attention.

Certainly there are many remedies you could employ if you’re spinate such as take a hot Epsom salt bath, schedule a massage, go for a swim, make your body more alkaline by drinking veggie juices for a day, or do some yoga. Today was one of those days for me, my spine pleaded for attention and some time away from my desk!

Yoga offers an ideal and simple remedy for quick relief with the pose known as Prone Bharadvajasana. Learn other helpful poses and more in my new book, Healing Our Backs with YogaTM: an essential guide to back pain relief.

How to do Prone Bharadvajasana yoga pose:

(excerpt from the book)

Bharadvajasana Prone Twist on bolster, head turned

Bharadvajasana Prone Twist on bolster, head turned

Restorative Yoga Pose

Bharadvajasana Prone Twist on bolster

Begin with a firm yoga bolster, stack of blankets, or a stack of couch cushions.  Remember this is a first-aid pose for the lumbar spine because it creates space for a herniated disc to be drawn off the nerve and oftentimes moved back into place. This is also a useful pose if you have low-back inflammation as it decompresses your lower spine. In addition, the pose rests and nourishes your organs, which are toned when squeezed.

  1. Sit on the floor with your legs folded to one side and your knees separated.
  2. Place the bolster lengthwise 4–6 inches away from the side of your hip.
  3. Lift your spine from the bottom of your belly.
  4. Exhale to twist your ribs, and then place your chest evenly on the bolster.
  5. Begin by facing your nose in the same direction as your knees; turning your head to the opposite side, as in the photo, is optional.
  6. Hold each side for 1–3 minutes, breathing evenly.

Hint: If you feel any pinching in the lower side of your waist, tuck the flesh of your side buttock under you and away from the bolster to relieve the “kink in the tube.”

As you practice the pose remember to breathe deeply between your shoulder blades and turn your thoughts toward the blessings in your life in order to receive the nourishment and support, this is already been given, into your life stream.

May our lives continue to be blessed with yoga.

Namaste, Lillah Schwartz


pose modification

Prone Bharadvajasana blanket position for large breasts

Prone Bharadvajasana blanket position for tall people

Prone Bharadvajasana blanket position for tall people

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