One Simple Pose to Liberate Your Spine

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One Simple Pose to Liberate Your Spine

In this computer age every generation spends a huge amount of time sitting and gazing at their digital device, which takes its toll collapsing our spine which ultimately leads to back pain. Taking many short recesses from “the shiny white screen” is highly recommended.  As someone who has specialized in helping others in overcoming back pain with yoga, and the author of the new book  “Healing our Backs with YogaTM: an essential guide to back pain relief”, I have first-hand sensitivity to the dilemma of my students when long hours of sitting are required. Learn more about me on my web site.  You are also invited to join the upcoming Book Release Event taking place in Asheville, Friday, August 26th.

Extending your front body gives relief

When asked what is my “go to” yoga pose to get some quick relief, I choose Virabadrasana 1, Warrior 1 modified with the hands on the hips and the back heel a few inches up the wall. This version of the pose will easily extend the whole front body while avoiding any discomfort in a compromised knee joint or shoulder joint. When the rear knee opens fully, and the bottom belly lifts, the spine will receive the blessing by moving in and up. Thus positional stress is relieved and neuromuscular balance is restored.

Watch my four minute YouTube clip, teaching this pose as part of my “six pose posture series”.


Prevent back pain from sitting to long

You may find you will need a series of 2 or 3 yoga poses to really help you in your short desk breaks. More information and pose ideas can be found in my book  “Healing our Backs with YogaTM: an essential guide to back pain relief”. Remember to stand up from your desk often, do a few yoga poses, be your own best friend, and keep away any back pain!

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Namaste. Lillah

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