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Why Choose The Embodiment Center?

Lillah founded and operated Lighten Up Yoga, her studio in Asheville, NC from 1981-2013. Now she is proud to be an associate member of The Embodiment Center, her new home base also in Asheville. Lillah continues to offer weekly classes, private yoga therapy sessions, Healing our Backs with YogaTM programs, and other workshops at The Embodiment Center.

Students choose The Embodiment Center because of the exceptional knowledge, experience, and compassion of their teachers, many of whom graduated from Lillah’s Transformation Yoga 200 and 500 hour teacher training programs.

The Embodiment Center

“We are incredibly proud and grateful to have attracted a team of yoga instructors whose expertise is of such a high caliber and who are dedicated to sharing their understanding and love of yoga with their students in a skillful, safe, encouraging, and caring way.

Students also choose us because of our focus on Iyengar, Purna, alignment, and therapeutic yoga, with classes appropriate for beginners and advanced students, for body strengthening and back care, for young adults as well as seniors. The Embodiment Center is the only yoga studio in Western North Carolina with three Certified Iyengar Yoga instructors.  Our yoga instructors teach rather than lead the classes, demonstrating most of the poses, and providing individualized adjustment and instruction when possible.

Anna Roques, yoga teacher, shared this: “I love this kind of yoga because it brings the light of awareness into the dark corners of my body, and by extension, my whole being, empowering me to live from a place of love, grounded in authenticity.”

We are a community of friendly and helpful people, who appreciate the many ways yoga has enriched our lives. We welcome you to join us. Please drop by for a tour any time.

Find a list of all The Embodiment Center classes here.

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