Newsweek Special Edition – Yoga Life

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Newsweek Special Edition – Yoga Life

Diversity in Yoga

The October 22, 2016 issue of Newsweek magazine is dedicated to yoga. I eagerly read each page as the principles of and perspectives on yoga we’re brilliantly laid out by excellent writers. If you are involved in the practice of yoga in anyway, I recommend you purchase a copy and look it over. It’s a beautiful reflection on the current, diverse, and pervasive practice of yoga in the US.

Back in Action

The section entitled “back in action” of course peaked my interest as I have recently completed my book Healing Our Backs with Yoga: an essential guide to back pain relief.  Unfortunately, the description of the third of the five poses did not match the photograph. The description for the ‘head to knee pose’ matches a pose actually called ‘hand to foot’, which would have been the best pose for this particular grouping.
The photography in this issue was over all stunning, with the one exception of the ‘head to knee pose’.  The pose photo lacked alignment and in my estimation would be risky for someone who was experiencing anything more than the average low back discomfort. The description for the ‘hand to foot’ pose however, would have been an excellent recommendation for anyone with back pain.

Hand to Foot Pose

The hand to foot pose is a foundational pose for anyone with back pain. Here is the version that can be found in my book Healing Our Backs with Yoga. As a person seeking relief from back pain you could perform the version I offer with both legs straight, or the version offered in Newsweek with the lower leg bent, foot on the floor.

Supta Padangusthasana 1

Hand to Foot Pose with a belt. This pose stretches the hamstrings and indirectly releases tension in the low back muscles.

Keeping yourself free from back pain is an interesting journey. There are many methods and points of view about how best to keep your back safe in a yoga class. All methods aim at helping the student understand functional movement and how to build neuromuscular balance.

1. Lie on your back. Bend your right knee and place a strap across the back of the arch for more
stability to easily hold the weight of the leg. Hold onto the ends of the strap with both hands. 2.
Straighten your right leg and extend your arms toward your raised foot, elbows straight, keeping your shoulder blades flat on the floor. 3. Raise the right leg up as high as you can without bending the knee. Breathe. 4. Press your left inner thigh down toward the floor and extend the leg out through your heel. 5. When you exhale, extend the right heel toward the ceiling; as you inhale, draw down from the back of your knee to the floor. 6. Maintain the balance of your clock face by moving the right hip away from your waist and toward the opposite inner thigh. 7. As the muscles loosen, your raised foot will move slowly toward your head.

Local Asheville, NC Book Event

You’re invited to join me this Sunday at Malaprops Bookstore on Haywood Road in Asheville at 5 PM for my book talk. Find more information on the event here.

Those who purchase a book at Malaprops are also invited to a free class Wednesday, October 19, 7:30 PM, at One Center Yoga, 120 Cox Ave.

Many blessings on your yoga journey. Lillah



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