My thoughts as a graduate (300 Hr TT).

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My thoughts as a graduate (300 Hr TT).

I never liked my mother’s feet. In fact, I thought her feet were downright ugly. Her toes were stubby with corns and all scrunched together, while the bunions on the sides of each big toe were large and protruding and all from wearing heels to work every day for years, sometimes up to twelve hours each day for six days a week. I was young, and with no appreciation for how hard she had had to work everyday to have feet that looked that way. One day, I looked down and there were her feet, right there on the end of my leg, in all their heinous glory. Even after she passed, I still didn’t want her feet. There was nothing nostalgic to me about having them. As much as I missed her, I hadn’t missed looking at her feet and now they were mine.   Damn genetics, anyway.

On Sunday, as my final teacher training weekend came to a close, I stood in the “Sky Room” at One Center Yoga looking down at my feet in wonder. Gone were the barking dogs of my mother, replaced by long, lean feet with spaces between each toe. The once broad toe boxes and narrow heels have been replaced by rather symmetrical shaped feet with nice arches and lots of range of motion. Though smaller than they once were, the bunions are still there because I will admit to a passion for high heels myself. I know how hard I’ve worked for these yoga feet, and it helps me to recall how hard my mom must have worked for hers. In hindsight, her feet weren’t that ugly, maybe just tired.

While marveling at the change in my feet, I cannot help but be humbled by the changes that have occurred in all of the rest of me too. Admittedly, I dragged these feet, kicking and screaming, through their transformation, just as I dragged the rest of me through it. I have tried to express my deepest gratitude for all that you have done for me but I fear that I have fallen far short. When I look back on this journey, I look with totally different eyes and ears. Eyes that perceive and ears that hear differently, a kinder, more compassionate heart, and a confidence in my ability to be help people with yoga that I only dreamt was possible.

I wouldn’t change a thing about my experience. Yet, I know that for now, my period of instruction is over and the learning needs to start taking place. Namaste.

Vivian Woolley- Reflection on YTT Weekend – 03.22.15

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