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Lillah’s students are taken beyond their own mental limitations of what they and their bodies are capable of. She offers an amazing gift to teach people to trust themselves and their bodies again.  — Kimberly Drye, Yoga Teacher


Never more at home than in front of a group of students with diverse body issues, Lillah pulls a hip back by one inch here, has a student turn a foot out two percent there, and suddenly a miracle happens: the entire class is breathing together, quiet, focused and fully present. In this way, yoga becomes truly therapeutic and does its work of healing and nourishing a myriad of complex conditions and physical needs. It is also at this place of alignment that the deep spiritual work of yoga begins.

Yoga Teacher Training

Under the tutelage of master teacher Lillah Schwartz in Asheville, NC, you will receive one of the Best Yoga Teacher Trainings offered. She has the ability to help each aspiring teacher to use correct alignment principles, anatomy and inner wisdom to see each students possibilities as well as limitations. During her certified yoga instructor trainings, you will work through your own physical and emotional bodies so that you may have a direct experience of challenge and victory. These trainings prepare you to be able to cater your classes to help each student grow in their Yoga.

Lillah is currently on sabbatical after offering 200 hr, 500 hr and Yoga therapy teacher trainings for 20 years. Consider inviting Lillah to enhance the offerings at your studio.


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