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What Makes a Great Yoga Teacher?

To develop your calling as a yoga teacher, you need the right mentor. For three decades, Yoga Master Lillah has trained hundreds of people like you to connect with their hearts,  inner wisdom and their potential to become great teachers. Now it’s your turn. Begin your journey to mastery. Learn to integrate alignment, physiology, bio-mechanics and action principles. Study the philosophy and spirit of yoga, intermediate sequencing, the language of teaching and more.  Go beyond flow to deepen your practice and skillfully and safely impart your yoga wisdom to others.

Co-sponsored and hosted by The Embodiment Center in Asheville, NC

Lillah is currently on sabbatical from offering these trainings, however she welcomes the opportunity to bring a level of excellence and wisdom to your home studio to enhance and expand the gifts offered in your community.

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Transformation Yoga Teacher Training Certification Courses

Healing Our Backs with Yoga ™ Specialty Trainings in 2017

Yoga Therapy CEU’s for yoga teachers and massage therapists. Are you a yoga teacher, massage therapist or a person with back pain? Learn the therapeutic application of yoga for back, neck and shoulder conditions. Read More about Healing Our Backs with Yoga Courses

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Art of Sequencing On-line Mentorship Program

Begins September 1, 2018! The Mentorship Program offers you 54 hrs of in depth training on how to create successful and satisfying yoga class sequences. Reserved for those students who have completed  200 and/or 300 hrs of Teacher Training and want to develop their skills in applying yoga to support their students.  More about the Art of Sequencing.

Life Transformation Training Weekends

2017 on Sabbatical Do you love Yoga? Are you looking for guidance in how to fully embody your practice and make it a consistent part of your life? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then this course is for you.   Deepen your understanding, strengthen your personal practice, and transform your life at these five themed weekends. For teachers, students, all levels. Read More about Life Transformation Training 

200 Hour Yoga Teaching Fundamentals

2017 on Sabbatical Do you want to become a yoga teacher? Are you already a teacher and want to deepen your instruction? Or are you a dedicated student who wants to deepen your yoga experience? Learn the wisdom of yoga as an authentic practice, healing art and gift to your community. Read More about the 200 Hour Program

300/500 Hour Yoga Therapy – Advanced Teacher Training

Lillah Schwartz giving Instruction on a Shoulder Stand with a Group

Lillah Schwartz giving Instruction on a Shoulder Stand with a Group

2017 on Sabbatical Are you a teacher with 200 hours of training? Are you working toward your 500 Hour Yoga Alliance Registration? The 300/500 hour course gives you an additional 300 hours to help you complete your journey. Refine your understanding and teaching skills, receive focused guidance in understanding the depth of yoga, learn the therapeutic applications of yoga. Knowledge is powerful. Discover a wealth of new and stimulating thought in this program. Become the best teacher you can be.  Read More about the 300/500 Hour Program

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